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    A red ribbon which destroy the life from the Mars

    [No. of words in the title exceeded seven.]

    I am sitting in my laboratory and waiting for a call from Ministry of India to send probe in the universe ( at Mars) to find out the life at the Mars. I am very excited to get the call. Suddenly I receive a call. Without delay I pick up phone, as expected call is from Ministry of India and approval to send probe at Mars. I am very happy and suddenly remember:
    It was year 1978 when my science teacher explained me about universe and at that time I came to know that only our Earth has life and called unique planet. As I studied science it became my favourite subject. I wanted to know whether there is a life at any other planet in Universe or not. After graduation I joined ISRO and worked as junior scientist. After a long journey I became a famous scientist of India. Everyone know me by name but I want to know or want to investigate whether there is a life in other planet or not. For the last five years I was working to make a probe which can reach at Mars to find out the truth about life there. After hard working of five year I was able to make the probe to send human being at Mars.
    One of my friends touches me and I come in present. I am very excited to carry out the process to send a probe at Mars. I came to know that Prime Minister will cut a red ribbon, and will launch the probe.
    The day come when all the members of my team are excited and waiting for coming of Prime Minister to come in laboratory and starts the journey of the probe. I have completed my all the preparation to that journey. The probe has ready to launch. At control room all the preparation has been completed. At control room a computer is ready from which we have to send the probe at the Mars. I have arranged a red ribbon as per our plan. The red ribbon indicates the mission Mars 2017. The names of all the members of my team are also written on the ribbon. The red ribbon also looks beautiful and excited like us as it has to become an important of our great mission.
    nd the movement comes, Prime Minister reaches at laboratory. When he enters control room, he appreciates the work of my team and gives wishes for the success of the mission.
    Now he takes a scissor and cuts the red ribbon. After cutting red ribbon he launches the probe at Mars. The probe starts journey to the Mars. We all are watching the probe to reach at Mars.
    At the same time, at Mars, the scientists inform the king that a foreign probe is going to reach at Mars. They are very afraid as do not know what is it? The king orders all the people of Mars to come at the king's palace as it is the so called safest place at Mars. So, all the people of Mars gather at the palace of the king. They are also watching the journey of the probe from their control room.
    And the movement comes; probe enters in the atmosphere of the Mars. We are excited as we are going to know the reality of life at Mars. At the same time the scientist of Mars get worried as the direction of the probe is at the palace of king. As all the people of the Mars are at the palace. Suddenly Probe collides with the wall of palace and it causes a big explosion. This explosion destroys the life of the Mars for which we are working.
    We are feeling sad as mission fails but we will never know that the life of Mars has been destroyed by a red ribbon.

    This is the entry for the Me a ribbon- creative writing contest .
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    Nice. But it's not fair to blame the ribbon. It's frightening how this seemingly funny and fictional story has every probability of being true. Hauntingly, we'll never know what havoc we had wrecked and we continue sending our probes because we are so determined. Then we conclude one fine day saying Mars has no life unaware of the fact that we were their grim reapers.
    But I still don't think probes can make enough damage.

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    The author has shown his power of imagination very nicely in the story. But why the author wanted to make the red ribbon culprit I don't understand. Anyhow the author shown a good creativity and nice narration.
    always confident

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    A good science fantasy by the author. The unintended destruction of life at Mars by the Indian rocket is the interesting climax.
    Good attempt by the author to bring in a science fantasy story which is a good change for the readers also.

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    What a out of box thinking from the author. No one could imagine such a content on the topic envisaged by the site. Once again a testimony that our authors can bring varied writing ability on a single topic.
    K Mohan
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    A very good story from the author. I take this as a science fiction and must say that this is the first time I have read science fiction in ISC. It has been a good reading.
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    A very good science fiction story. I appreciate your good imagination about Mars, to Mars and at Mars. As Partha Kansabanik said, it is the first time that we are reading a science fiction story. Mars is a planet that is the sign of fighting and contesting, Hope to see a positive and encouraging result through Mars.

    @ The role of the Red ribbon is not enough for this large story.

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    Thank you very much Mr. Aditya Mohan, Mr. D.N.V. Srinivasa Rao, Mr. Umesh, Mr. K. Mohan, Mr. Partha Kansabanik and Mr. Master Sun as you like my creativity and imagination. Your appreciation is a lot for me.
    Yes I agree that role ribbon is not enough since there is a word limit from 450-650 and I just finish my store at 649 words . So could not explain the role of ribbon. There are a lot about about ribbon which I want to explain in story but due to word limit I could not explain it. As the role of in my mind I blame the ribbon for the destroy of life at Mars.
    Thanks again everybody.

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