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    Is writing a soft skill or a hard skill?

    Are writers born? Many philosophers state that writers follow their passion instinctively. They write down something that is flowing in their mind. They are able to compose poems, eassays, stories, prose, etc by using this soft skill.

    Today, many institutions are established to teach the students the techniques of writing. A student need not possess any writing experience to study the course. They can even learn to write in an orderly manner with strong sense of grammar and even by properly learning the mental frame work of the audiences. They can write something that can be converted into cash easily. Such people can even write better than the people who already began writing without any course.

    So, are writers made or born?
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    What I feel that writing is not a soft skill or a hard skill but a in born skill. The creativity of a good writer always be wondering and looking for some cues and leads through which he keep on developing the oratory and writing skills. What I also generally found that those who are good writers, they may not be a good orator and those who are perfect in giving dictation of words to others, may not have the caliber to write in sync and perfection. One thing is sure, writing is the great asset for a person to progress and even overtake his counterpart fooling him with words and knowledge. I always respected good writers, knowledge spreading persons and above all such people who have the capacity to arrest our presence through their talking power and and helping us to come out of such a situation when we were actually searching for some words while speaking.
    K Mohan
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    Writers born. This is what people used to say. Many poets who has written very good books like Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagavatam are born writers . Definitely they are born writers. They improved their skills by practice. They have not done any course separately.
    Even today also there are people who are not qualified in any degree but write excellent poems and books in their mother tongue. Vocabulary and grammar are to important factors which will give you a good control on the language. Once you have a grip on your language you can try for various alternative words of same meaning and you can make your poem with all set rules of grammar.
    Of Course by studying more and more books and spoiling many many papers I may also be able to write a small poem. But with that I can't get qualified as a writer,

    always confident

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    Writing is a creative activity. It is an art. Like putting the paint brush on a canvass.

    Arranging words in an effective manner and producing eloquent flow of prose and poetry is something of an art only. Lot of pondering and thinking is required before as well as during the creation of writings which can influence or impress the readers by its originilaty and inguinity.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Hmm. Anyone can write. So writing isn't even a skill. It's more like a trait. Even a newborn scribbles. Then what differentiates a person who can write from a writer.
    A writer doesn't write stuff. He bleeds his feelings. Writing isn't an art. But every writer is an artist.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is neither a soft skill or hard skill but an art . One should have peace of mind to write something. Writing is a skilled art. All cannot become good writers even the highly educated and highly knowledgeable. What a tenth drop out can write cannot be written by a Ph.d. This has been seen, witnessed and understood. Anyone can write bad, but one should be gifted to write good.
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    Every one is having feelings, emotions and ideas in his mind but few of us are able to put them in black and white.

    Writing is a creative art and requires thoughtfulness and concentration along with complete control on language. If one can write what exactly one wants to tell the readers that is the perfection of writing. It is not essential that persons who have read widely will be good writers. A person having read little but having imagination and reproduction power can become a better author or writer.

    Good writers can put life in their characters and create a real scene in the mind of the readers. Good reading forces a reader to lose himself in the book and get totally engrossed in it.

    People say that some persons are blessed with creative writing while some become creative after a lot of hard work and labor. Whatever it may be it is a great art and through writing the great things remain in black and white for generations to come.

    So it is a soft art acquired through hard work.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What the author Aditya Mohan has said is very much true. When ever I write something or share some thing, it comes from my heart and the words queue up automatically and that makes some good sentences.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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