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    Why aptitude tests are not taught in the school and college levels ?

    Even though one does the higher education , it is not enough to get a decent job or even in government organizations. One has to write competitive exams which are mainly based on aptitude, reasoning and maths. While maths is wide taught in the school and college, why we are failing to learn the aptitude and reasoning which would sharpen our minds through thinking mode and that has also become a must part for any candidate to learn and write exams on that. What is your view on this post.
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    Aptitude and reasoning are not subject matters. They depend more on human thinking and human nature. It will come through your thought process and application attitude. All other subjects are framed by syllabus, That syllabus is to be covered in the prescribed classes. Mathematics is a subject which brings in reasoning. So a person good at mathematics can develop a good reasoning. Aptitude is purely depends on individual and can't be teached as a separate curriculum. Answering multiple answer questions in the subjects studied will help you in shaping your self for the aptitude tests. Nowadays all institutes are getting these exercises done by their students.
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    Aptitude means natural tendency and inborn qualities of a person that cannot be taught in schools and college.The real caliber of a person can be judged only through the natural qualities of a person. Hence it is not a subject to teach . It is a thing to analyse. .And no one can teach this and cannot be included as a subject in any educational institution. It is included as a test tool to select candidates for the jobs.
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    But the competitive exams which every student has to face to a get job, they have to undergo and pass the aptitude and reasoning tests to which many of them fail.
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    It is really unfortunate that aptitude tests and other similar things are not amalgamated in our school and college education. We have been restricted to academic part of education.

    The political leaders and educationists have talked about this lacuna many times in public as well as in media but nothing concrete has been done in this direction.

    We hope that new education policies on the anvil will be considering these pit falls for rectifications so that a college student after his or her education do not feel stranger amid the shower of aptitude and logical tests.

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