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    Ribbon's ways of achieving peace.

    [This entry wins the third prize for the story contest]

    "Tomorrow is the day" I beamed. I was immersed in my thoughts when someone patted my shoulder and that was White ribbon. A ribbon that is known for his peaceful and amiable character but I feel him as a boring individual. Yet I don't hate him as he is friendly to everyone around.
    "Well, you know those savages of People's black ribbon army members? They challenged us by beating our party member of Liberation red ribbon front and now it's our time to pay back."I told."Soon I will be taken away by my party's member to serve as a crown, as a band of honor." I added with attitude.
    "Why do you people fight so much? Violence is not right, you know that? he questioned with childlike innocence.
    This is the thing I dislike about these white ribbon people. They are quixotic and are fogged over the fact that the fight is inevitable for the restoration of peace. They don't know about our culture. We are Estonian territory where women are in majority and they handle all affairs by themselves and when it comes to our culture then black ribbon party's women are our biggest rivals with hatred for one another. They have to be suppressed to have the order in our territory. But these things are not par with white ribbon's principles. He is not practical and I didn't feel to make him understand but anyhow I responded.
    "They started it and we have got to end it. That's simple to restore the order." I theorized.
    "Someone would start and someone would charge to end it. That would be an endless battle . "he said with a hand on my shoulder."You would harm each other as well as the people around you. You can't get peace in such a silly way." he continued
    "Please don't lecture me on this "I jerked his hand away "you won't understand under your fogged wisdom, " I said with a higher tone. "You people can just embellish the hairs of some school girl. It is us to deal with some mature stuff." I scoffed
    "Then I don't have anything to say for your illogical violent acts. And maybe you think me a bit boring person but you better mark my words. We will not let the fight to happen tomorrow." he squealed and left.
    "Go ahead, mate" I smiled hearing those warning words from a Dalai Lama.
    The next morning a muscular lady picked me up from the shop and bound me on her forehead and I was more than ready to answer that Black ribbon army in their own language. Our group gathered at the town square and we were facing our rivals already equipped with bats, sticks, rods, chains. We were loaded too and I scoffed at one of the black ribbon bound to the head of People's Army's woman. The clash was about to begin, just an order away from the leader, my leader.
    All of a sudden the rolls of white ribbon were thrown on the street by a pickup truck which was ejecting the white rolls while driving through the streets like distributing something. One such ribbon roll dropped in the hands of my lady master and she inspected it. At that very instant she took her hand to her head and dislodged me from her head. She unbound me and threw me on the street and she ran away. The same was done by all the women of both the parties and soon there were discarded ribbons of black and red color along with white ones. I was shell shocked. I saw one white ribbon lying and I went to him. I got in front of him to see and my mouth was wide opened.
    "Forty percent off on ladies wear.
    The sale is closing in an hour.
    was written on the ribbon.
    This is my entry to the competition.
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    Nice. The author shown the mentality of ladies and how they can easily get attracted towards reduction sales and rebates. A big fight has been averted by the printing on the white ribbon. Quite funny. Good story. well written
    always confident

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    A nice piece of prose. The end is surprising. We can forget everything when there is a discount sale going somewhere. The message of the story is loud and clear.

    Fight between two groups of people wearing different color ribbons is a cute idea which author has nicely knitted in his story.

    Well done and good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The discount sale and the temptation thereof has been well captured by the author and narrated to the understanding level of all. Good story which is happening around..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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