How should we deal with the fifth columnists?

Only three days ago, a senior Kashmiri leader of a major political party of the country (entire country) named Saifuddin Soz openly supported Burhan Wani, the dead terrorist, on his first death anniversery. A compensation of Rs. 10 lakh was declared for Farooq Ahmad Dar, the leader of stone peltars, whom Army Major Leetul Gogoi tied to the bonnet of the jeep. Another politician named Ajam Khan from Uttar Pradesh again made objectionable comments against Army. A communist political leader from Kerala also made objectionable comment against Army.

The day the compensation for the stone-peltar was announced, the terrorists struck. 7 pilgrims including 5 ladies going to Amarnath were killed. Another 15 have been grieveously wounded during the firing. Common people are pained and angry. They are demanding strict action against the terrorists.

I am demanding strict action against the fifth-columnists along with the terrorists. These fifth-columnists must not be shown any mercy. As they directly or indirectly support the terrorists, they should be treated similarly. As these people are basically cowards, if one or two of them are shot, they will stop singing the tune of the terrorists.

We must follow China in this regard. We must deal with these avominable creatures mercilessly.