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    Ribbon that changed her life

    [This entry wins a consolation prize for the story contest]

    Renu was very sad today. She was demanding for a new beautiful ribbon for her birthday which she wanted to wear in school with her new dress.
    Renu and Pooja were 2 daughters of Radha and her husband died few months before due to one terminal disease. Radha tried with all her best to save her husband which used up all their savings but his death was decided.
    Now, they were living a poor life. Radha was not educated to earn good but got house holding job. This was not enough to run the family when 2 girls are still studying only. She was trying hard to manage the school fees but to celebrate her daughter's birthday was not in her priority list. Renu's birthday was coming in few days and she got one new dress from Mrs. Sharmila where Radha was working as maid. Now Renu wanted a matching beautiful ribbon but Radha was not able to buy that. This made Renu very sad and she was missing her father a lot.
    Radha decided to take money in advance from Mrs. Sharmila to buy ribbon for Renu. Next day she asked for some money in advance and Mrs. Sharmila helped her. Radha was very happy as she will be able to buy new ribbon for her daughter and she reached home happily but the problem was not ending here. Pooja was in high fever. She was shivering like anything. They immediately went to a doctor and her advance got consumed in pooja's medicine.
    Now Radha's concern was Pooja and was worried about the expenses in her treatment. That day, when she was going to sleep, she heard Renu's voice and went there. Renu was sitting outside watching at stars. She was complaining to God about her father's death. Radha immediately ran towards her and hugged her tightly. She promised her to bring a beautiful ribbon before her birthday.
    Next day, when she was alone at home, she took out her one old saree. It was not in the condition of wearing anymore. She opened it and selected the best part of it to cut into strips. After cutting, she did some small embroidery and packed it.
    One day before Renu's birthday, she gave her the packet of hand made ribbons and asked her to open it. Renu opened it and was surprised to see beautiful embroidered ribbons. She hugged her mother tightly and thanked her.
    Next day, she woke up early in the morning, got ready with her new dress and matching ribbons. Her mother kissed her and gave blessings.
    When Renu reached schools her friends wished her birthday. They were looking at her new dress and ribbons, especially at her beautiful ribbons in great surprise as they haven't seen such embroidered ribbons earlier.
    Ms. Sunita, her craft teacher also got attracted towards those embroidered ribbons. Everybody was praising that beautiful ribbon. When they reached home back, she shared everything with her mother and said that her friends also want to buy these beautiful ribbons. Suddenly an idea knocked Radha's head and she took out all her old sarees. She decided to prepare more such beautiful ribbons and sell it during her evening hours.
    Her daughters were also enjoying all this and started helping her mother.
    On the very first day, all the ribbons were sold out which boosted her enthusiasm and she started working with more energy. It was giving them good profit with lesser expenses. Radha started buying old sarees at low rates from neighbors for preparing ribbons from them to sell. Their house holding business worked well and their financial condition improved. Now Radha left her maid job and started working for this handicraft work. She included embroidered handkerchiefs, Table-cloths, wall-hangings, etc in her list to sell.
    It changed her life completely- The beautiful Ribbon!

    The is my entry for Me, a ribbon - creative writing contest
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    Ms. Padmini: A very simple but beautiful story. I have enjoyed readitng it. But the competition is :"Me: A ribbon".
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Thanks Mr. Partha for reading my story.
    I know that it is "Me: A ribbon" contest but it is mentioned "It need not be autobiographical" in the contest instructions, so I guess my story is eligible for the contest.
    Lets see...


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    What a lovely story from Padmini. Really an enterprising story to see a ribbon changing the life of a poor family. Padmini deserves a prize provided she reads the instructions clearly and comply with. All the best.
    No life without Sun

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    A lovely story. Using old sarees to make ribbons is a good idea. The story has a good flow and has a happy ending.
    The relationship between mother and daughter is nicely depicted.
    A good attempt and I wish the author a good luck.

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    A good attempt by the author. The idea is very nice. Making ribbons from old sarees and converting them to ribbons. A good idea will always change the life. Narration is good. The way she brought in the entrepreneurial skills in the character is good and I hope the author herself can become a good entrepreneur in her life. All the best to the author.
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