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    What we gain from Prayer

    Once ,someone asked Swami Vivekanand ,What do you gain by Prayer?Vivkanand replied,I gained nothing,in fact I lost anger,depression,jealousy,irritation and insecurity.
    This is a true fact we win anger,jealousy and irritation by praying Almighty.Prayer makes me more secure and more happy.It gives me new hope and beliefs.We feel nothing is impossible if Almighty is with us.
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    Prayer gives me peace of mind. It will allow me to think in a positive direction. If I start my day with an hour prayer whole day I will be with full of energy and I will deliver to my capacity. Sometimes when I couldn't do that I feel I have lost something.
    Generally praying is also like meditation. You should concentrate on your prayer. That will help you stay focused.
    Another observation of mine is people who pray regularly will become more soft and will not get angry easily. They will react very softly without giving much harassment to others,
    Praying is good and almighty is always help us .

    always confident

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    Prayer is the ultimate tool available to the man kind through which he search ways and means to have solace from tensions, challenges and above a source of energy which can give further strength to us. You do go to any temple, church or mosque, people would pray in group, pray at Church in group and say Namaz in group. All these suggests that when we are in community praying, the strength of the prayers would truly reach the God and our problems and challenges addressed. Moreover after the prayers one will get the refreshed face and also energized feeling which is required to pull on.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are many methods to connect with the Almighty and in turn gather the strength and energy in ones life. Prayer is one such mechanism through which we thank God for everything He has bestowed upon us and also showing us a path of nobility and clarity in our life.

    Whether someone believes in God or not it does not matter because the concentration and serenity during the pious hours of meditating are also equally effective as prayer and whatever route of praying or worshipping one takes - all roads lead to Rome.

    The basic idea of praying to forget ones ego and self and accept everything as the favour of that divine power termed as God.

    By doing prayer you totally dislodge from the world for a while and feel yourself with that ultimate power. This induces a new life and vigour to fight and struggle in life.

    Even atheist have started acknowledging the power of prayer and meditation. It is something you come to know only when you start practicing it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In our daily routine, we can see the situation of ourselves frankly. we came to our house back from office , we are just sit before the television by watching serials or cine songs or comedy in order to make ourselves diverted from our routine tension situation. so, we need relaxation from our routine. In that expectation only our elders paved the practice of temples, prayers, pooja etc., by believing that atleast during that time we compulsorily spend some time. Many of us now eating as we pleased in hotels and sweet stalls. But in many houses it is not possible to have such sweets etc., as and when they is nterested, to enable this only festivals are introduced. In that days atleast the people collectively eat as they wish by forgetting the daily routine. Totally speaking the prayer is a definite thing to reach peace of mind. This can only be realized by experience.

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    Prayer gives confidence and sens of being having a saviour when otherwise we feel helpless and dejected. Prayer is the request for help from an invisible , but all potent all possible saviour to come to our help when the real visible and nearby real life people are unable to help or not interested to help us. Its a matter of faith and confidence boost.

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    I remember when my niece was little, playing with our landline phone, she asked "Can I telephone God?" It is through prayer that we do this, isn't it? We "telephone" the heavenly Being up there and chat like we would with our best buddy. Prayer is not just thanking God for all the good blessings. It is also our communication line through which we can unload our emotions, happy or sad. You see, it gives us a nice feeling within our heart & mind that there is somebody out there listening and, best of all, who does not pass judgement or react in a bad way even when we unload anger, too, sometimes, asking why God was unfair. It feels good to unload to an unknown entity!
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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