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    Who is more stubborn in implementing policies and more liberal towards people-Congress or BJP?

    We have seen the rule of the country by BJP in the last 3 years and previously many years the rule of Congress. BJP when any policies it is implementing it is showing a stubborn nature whether the people are facing grave difficulties and without attending to the serious problems facing by the people. We have seen this attitude in implementation of demonetization and GST programs. Once they started implementing there are no consoling words either from the PM or government for the problems of the people. What I found no liberal thinking towards the people is not there in BJP party? But Congress used to be more liberal and concerned towards the people when implementing any policy? What is your say folks?
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    It is true that BJP is stubborn in implementing policies. The two examples given are stand for that. In case of demonetization many of the people understood the consequences and stood by the Government. Mainly in the youth of India a strong hope and confidence has come in the present government. They are seeing the positive side of the moves by the government. Even in case of GSt, many of them understood the long term effect and they are trying to spread word among all not to worry much about this. Oneday or other strong decision should be taken. Always thinking about their vote politics trying to be liberal with people and finally fooling them will not be accepted forever. Congress in the name of people eaten lot of money.
    Being gudi gudi always is also not good. Bjp is trying to increase the living standards of all the people. It is trying to show a way to earn to the people. This is more important. How long people want free food and free clothes.

    I think BJP has to take some more hard decision to keep the country on track.

    always confident

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    I say instead of stubborn you can use the word determination. Yes BJP is the only party which has the mandate and guts to take some turf decisions which were either too were postponed for various reasons and now strong actions are taken much to the surprise of even opposition parties. See who ever voices concern against the government they are forced to close their mouth and the fate of Arvind Kejriwal can be well given example here. After BJP done enough damage to the AAP , Delhi CM choose to rule than making any comments against the government. Like wise big actions are taken and not merely said.
    K Mohan
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    The NDA Government is very stubborn in implementing the Demonetization scheme. The other decision taken is the implementation of GST which was stubbornly opposed by the BJP when it was in opposition. The UPA Government could have implemented the GST but for the opposition by the BJP. The GST may cause some initial problems for the traders but not to the public. The impact of demonetization is not clear as figures for the money that came into the banks is yet to be disclosed by the Reserve Bank of India. The public suffered a lot due to demonetization with the hope that corruption will come down. The corruption that affects a common man has not come down.The percentage of people coming into income tax purview slightly increased. This could be due to the stubborn stand of the Government.
    Any Government should have long term, mid term and immediate goals for the country. The present Government is more concerned about long-term goals and its image on the international scene. The farmers and the unorganised sector are affected badly and the Government is not serious about the problems they are facing. The core sectors of importance are agriculture, health and education. There are no immediate plans to tackle them. The MGNREGA Plan of UPA was neglected initially. Health and Education need more attention.
    The country is more polarised than ever it was and corrective steps are yet to be taken. After three years of governance by NDA, the common man has yet to see benefits for him.
    Congress-led UPA Government suffered defeat due to the rampant corruption. It is my personal opinion that the common man was more benefited during UPA regime in spite of the corruption that existed.

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    "How are you going to describe the attitude of the present Government: Stubborn or Determined"?-That is the million-dollar question.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The attitude of the present Government is both stubborn and determined. A determined Government has to let go of its stubbornness when the need arises.
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    Yes determination is more seen with the style and functioning of the present government at the center as each and every action coming forth has the element of guts, a change away from the past and over all a big impact which is going to be created sooner or later by enhancing the prestige of the country world wide. India is already having good relations with many country and the actions of the present government is being watched and even followed in other countries. Post demonetization, many countries studied the after effects of such big exercise and want to implement in their country too.
    K Mohan
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    My feeling always was that the economic agenda of Congress and BJP are almost similar. While Congress wanted to be seen more lenient towards socialist model, BJP did not have that hesitation and it was and is always biased towards traders and corp orates. While the Congress led government was hesitant to and hence a bit slow in implementing certain schemes, BJP government does not have that hesitation and does it even rashly.

    Till now the NDA gvernment has only implemented with more force and vigour all those schemes the earlier Congress/UPA governments started but BJP opposed. This includes the expansion of Adhar to permeate into every sector and area.
    The one NDA had done fresh was the demonetisation action and they did it sternly and stubbornly. It went on well because people did not doubt the intention of the government.

    However the one silver lining I find in the NDA government led by Modi is that they are embarking on many long term goals and schemes with an intention of making India strong and self sufficient in future. Congress governments on the other hand was more interested in temporary gains and popular and short term goals that would benefit it in elections and retaining its vote bank.

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