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    Is it necessary to preach moral values through movies?

    Every year lot of Indian movies are getting released in cinema theaters. Some movies attract the audience and some fails to seek the attention of the audience. Lot of Indian movies have delivered strong content with good moral and social values. The creativity of delivering a social message through film varies from person to person. Some will explain the core moral content with violent action sequences; some will handle with comedy scenes and some will deliver a moral message through powerful punch dialogues. When compared to 80's and 90's films, the art of delivering a story and the making of the movies has changed a lot. Most importantly the taste and the expectation of the movie audience differ a lot between the current generation and the old generation. Generally, people go to theaters to spend time, enjoy and relax with friends and family members. But nowadays, many people watch movies at theaters to reduce their work stress. At that time, preaching moral values and stuffing strong social content in the minds of the audience through movies may irritate. It is obvious that many people will concentrate on the social message and will forget it once they step out of theaters. So, keeping that in mind some of the directors in the film industry gives more importance to the entertainment factor and never attempts to preach moral values to the audience.

    Movie is a good medium to preach moral values. But is it necessary to preach moral values through movies? As a general audience, what you expect from a movie- a moral message or pure entertainment content without any message?

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    I feel there is nothing wrong in giving a social message but it should not overshadow the entertainment factor. If the makers intend to give a message it should be done in such a way that is interesting and doesn't bore the public. There are many such movies, the best example being three idiots. It gave a message to run behind knowledge not success but the movie was entertaining throughout. Similarly, the recently released movie Hindi medium gave a strong message and showed the reality of schools these days but still it was able to attract a vast majority of people because of its entertainment factor.
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    Movie is a media which will have a very good effect on the people. Especially young people and students adore their heros and try to follow them. Movies are generally for entertainment and time pass. Nobody wants to hear a lesson by purchasing a ticket. But trying to show the importance of moral values and ethics through some nice way without deviating from the fact that audience are here for time pass and stress releasing will be a good attempt. Recently one telugu movie with Junior NTR as hero has come. In this movie director brought the concept of Environment protection and made it as a social responsibility of all to maintain the greenery. Message is well received. Movie is a super hit. It has won many awards also. So movies with some message about social responsibilities and ethics will be a welcome phenomena. Definitely there is lot of change in the thought process of audience. They don't want movies with very big actors with 3 fights and 6 songs. If Story line and technical values are good, audience will accept the messages also from the movie.
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    Every one likes to watch the movies and for some it is a must entertainment every week. They expect good treat in the movie like good direction, good acting by actors, good dialogue , good screenplay, good photography and above all good music, Cine goers want a change. They do not want beating round the bush story. Instead they want natural acting by actors, the hero should not turn as villain and the songs should not make round across the world for every scene and end up at the bedroom for last stanza. Some movie buffs are so experienced, they can narrate the next possible scene and they keep on giving running commentary while the film is played.
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    Nowadays, we have come to this level of questioning. In earlier days there was films only with moral but nowadays the films are coming only without moral,story, meaningful songs etc., The films with moral is absolutely necessary as mass visit is highly possible to preach among them. That too in the present days, the films with moral is necessary as the same is missing among the people. Instead of banning, promulgating acts, punishing etc., this is the best way to correct people. See, when the films with moral,story and ethical based came the crime level was less comparing to present.

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