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    [Guide me] I got a call from "All India Network Delhi" and told they offer mobile for RS3000

    I got a call from "All India Network Delhi" and told me that they offer Samsung Galaxy j7 gold prime for RS 3000 since I'm using this SIM for a long time. [Yes, I'm using this SIM for a long]. They told me that they will send the phone to my address and I can give the cash to them. I want to know whether it is a "Scam or Not". This is the phone number: +917210754942.

    Can someone tell me is this legit or scam?
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    Now that the GST rates on heavily imposed on cell phones, they want to get rid of stocks through varied means. If they sell on line or in the shop, they may attract and pay the GST to central government, Probably to avoid that a new selling strategy is found by contacting Individual people with special offers on Samsung Galaxy J7. I think it is the genuine offer. Any way do not pay any money unless and until you are satisfied with the product and open the pack in front of the delivery boy stating that you are going to make the payment for the parcel subject to its working condition and all features.
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    If you post the same heading posted by you in the Google search you can realize these are all fake calls and people are cheating by sending a packet containing a metal object for Rs.3000. Many Cyber cases were registered by the people got cheated by with the same plot . So don't believe that you can get Samsung J7 Phone because of GST. Samsung J7 is a costly Phone and you cannot expect to get for Rs.3000. Many people in the name of GST confusing people that they can get goods for less price.

    Here are the links to go through:-
    Cheated by win teleshopping

    Google search

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    Many people are getting cheated by this type of mails and phone calls. They are not at all reliable. How a company can give a samsung cell phone for Rs. 3000/. Please don't believe this kind of mails. SMSs and phone calls. They are all fake.
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    Just do not respond. Block the number. It is sure a fake and you may lose your money. The fraudsters cash on the vulnerability of people falling for reduced and tempting prices.

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