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    Why many time looks are an obsession in our life ?

    Now a day looks became key of attraction . many of people influenced with beauty of appears and neglecting the real one . many of them get attracted with look,s for sometime . But they can't hold for longer. Basically look's depend on quality , for trapping attraction there should be some type of quality required ,quality became a talent for a person or talent cannot be lost. some time destiny need time to explore there blessing but they can,t ignore .quality increase day by day while practising but beauty of look's decreasing by ageing . quality and talent goes last end of life .
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    What the author has said is right. Ragini we should not get floored by looks and must give the credence to talent and character of the person with whom we are behaving. Please remember that looks are managed and that are not natural. And the gestures are temporary which may vanish once the target of attracting others would be achieved. Young boys and girls are being trapped to this great trick and they are deceived on daily basis. Some take the relations very seriously and if such parting ways appears, then the heart broke stories line up one after other. God has given us the natural look and beauty to every one and that is enough to bring the people closer to you. Those who spend money on cosmetics and beauty products, they are simply concealing their real looks and thus one should not fall to their prey and ulterior motives.
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    It is true many people will get attracted towards beautiful persons. The physical beauty is temporary and may get reduced as age grows . But the beauty of our inner soul is a permanent affair. So we should give importance to the beauty of soul. Generally youth will get attracted for beauty and some will get deceived. But at the same time all beautiful people are not of same nature. So we can't generalise the statements. All types of people are there in the world. It is the individual's responsibility to under stand which is good and which is bad.
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    The reason for physical attraction is utterly simple. It's purely biological. In wild, character has no use at all. Determining a character of an animal is nearly impossible and of no use.
    Animals choose healthy and attractive mates in order to ensure their progeny's safety.
    We are no different. No one falls in love with your personality in the first look. It's all in the appearance.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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