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    Celebrating 25 years marriage anniversary. My daughter short listed in ESIC for MBBS in Hyderabad.

    Today I am experiencing the twin joy which I want to share with all my fellow ISCians. Being Silver Jubilee year of our marriage day, my daughter gave us the best gift by securing a seat short listed in the ESIC Medical college at Hyderabad itself and hence our long dream of one child becoming Engineer and one child becoming doctor is being put into track. Children had the ambition and we gave them the route and energy to achieve the success for themselves. We are every grateful and overwhelmed by the God's grace so far.
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    Congratulations to you and to your daughter for getting a seat in ESI College and best wishes on your silver jubilee celebration. What you have gifted to both of them.
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    What wonderful news. Congratulations to your wife and you and of course your little girl. She has indeed done you proud.

    Wishing your good lady and you every happiness in your journey together as man and wife. And blessings to your daughter. May she achieve success in whatever she does. All the best to her.

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    Congratulations on your 25th marriage anniversary as well as on clearing of your daughter the entrance test for securing a seat in the prestigious institute.

    It is really a great occasion for parents to see their offsprings to get success in life and achieve nice careers. The joy is much more when you share it with others.

    The credit of success of children in education is attributed to the parents also as they are the guiding forces in the life of their children. So you also deserve that laurels.

    All the best and keep posting such nice news.

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    Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee marriage anniversary as well as for your daughter achieving a seat in very good ESCI Medical College. God bless you and your family.

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    I wish you and your family members all the best and convey my greetings on this special occasion.

    Please maintain what you have said"We are every grateful and overwhelmed by the God's grace so far.". Ever be grateful to God and all those who have directly or indirectly good to you and family.

    Best Wishes for health, happiness, peace,unity and prosperity always.

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    Congratulations K Mohan to you and your wife on the occasion of your silver jubilee marriage anniversary! Glad to know about the success of your daughter. Convey my congrats to her and my best wishes on her path ahead.
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    Mr.K.Mohan, Let me congratulate you and your better half for the 25th marriage anniversary. It is very pleasure to note that your daughter has secured a seat in ESI college in Hyderabad. Good News. What a timing it is? on your anniversary day your daughter made both of you proud parents. What more parents will expect from their wards. Wonderful. I hope and wish your daughter will be a successful doctor in her career.Your son is Engineer and your daughter is Doctor. Your 25th marriage anniversary. You start the celebrations. I wish you and your family all the best,
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    So many thanks by name to all those who wished me and my family. I am overwhelmed with those felicitation messages.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations to Mrs. and Mr. Mohan for spending 25 wonderful years together. Another 25 years will pass in no time and I am expecting to see a similar thread from Mr. Mohan after a short interval of 25 years. All the ISC-ians are waiting for the Part-II of this thread from him.

    Another big congratulation is due to Mr. Mohan, the proud father, for his daughter's grand success in NEET-2017.

    May Almighty God bless all of them!

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    Wish you a happy wedding anniversary. My best wishes and blessing to your daughter for a successful life.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Mohan Sir,
    Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary. Its been 25 years of your marriage and you have double reasons to celebrate i would like to congratulate you for both your wedding anniversary as well as on your daughter's success who has given you the best gift by securing a seat short listed in the ESCI Medical college at Hyderabad i know its very difficult to get a seat in a medical college. I hope this celebration will continue further and you will get the best in life . May god bless you and your family with lots of happiness in life and may you have more reasons to celebrate and give you more thoughts so that you can share with us the best and we could learn from you something new each time we go through your posts...
    once again happy anniversary to you sir.

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    Happy Silver Jublee wedding day celebrations. Congratulations to you and Mrs. Mohan. And one more Thumps Up to your Wizkid!


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    Congratulation to you, your daughter and entire family for double joy. It is really a great pleasure. I wish you for a great, joyful and prosperous life and wish your daughter for better and successful future. God bless you, your daughter and entire family.
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    Many happy returns of the day. Wish you a very happy silver jubilee celebration. And my congratulations to your dear daughter for securing a seat for MBBS on this lovely day. May the Mohan couple live long to celebrate their platinum anniversary .
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