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    Tips to remove scratch from our vehicle.

    Most of us like our vehicle very much and we take care of that without any scratch. I have that habit and see that my vehicle is scratch free. Suppose if I have scratches in my vehicle then there are some tips which a very useful. You can try out,
    Now in the market you find lot of scratch removal wax. But those don't work 100 percent.

    Some of the tips Which I use for my two wheeler past 12 years I wish to share in this site.

    1) Always Wash you vehicle with shampoo. The shine of your vehicle will remain the same.

    2) If there is a minor scratch then take a small part of tooth paste and rub it where scratch is there in a circular motion. and then just wipe it off with a soft cloth

    3) Wipe your vehicle with soap and water then dry thoroughly. Next, you'll need a shoe polish that has a darker color. Once you apply shoe polish it will spread and fill the dent.

    4) Another scratch remover is nail polish. You have see you vehicle color nail polish and slightly apply it where scratch is there. But this is not a permanent solution.

    5) You can even rub candle wax on minor scratches it will fill up and look good.

    6) Always cover your vehicle and don't expose it to sunlight always this will make your vehicle look dull.
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    My sincere thanks to the author for giving tips for maintaining scratch free vehicle. I will explain these points to my driver to implement and see. It is easy to maintain two wheelers without scratch. My younger son uses a two wheeler. He maintains it very nicely. I will also tell him these tips. Nail polish contains some organic solvents which will decolourise the colour. So we should be very careful in applying that to scratches.
    In heavy traffic cities like Hyderabad it is becoming very difficult to drive on roads, especially 4 wheelers. Which vehicle will come which direction is not known. As it is a city and vehicle move slowly so vehicle are left with scratches only. It is very difficult to find a vehicle without scratch.

    always confident

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    The author gave simple tips on how to cover the small scratches that appear on the two wheeler which is often encountered during peak traffic time. The tips given are simple and can be followed by any one . Thanks.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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