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    Part-time work as Translator

    Some of my friends in Kolkata have advised me to work as Translator and earn money by translating materials/articles/letters, etc. from Bengali and Assamese to English. For this purpose, they have advised me to join Fiverr, a website.

    In this connection, I would like to state that more than 20 years ago I joined as Translator in a panel of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to translate petitions (for help) from BPL people. In that case, the rate of translation was abysmally low and I was not very much interested in part-time earning from translation. I joined the panel for doing some social service for Bengalis and Assamese. Later, due to various reasons, I became busy and left the panel.

    But now I am again interested in this work, of course on payment basis. I would be happy if some other Members can properly guide me about professional and part-time translation work. I would like to know the prevailing rate. I am also interested to know how the Website, Fiverr, functions.

    Thanking all in advance.
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    Translations work are always in demand where in the city has grand past and having the population of older citizens with their properties and assets in possession. For example in Hyderabad most of the Muslims who brought the property during Nizam era are still holding the old document for which there is much demand for the translators. Likewise Arabs coming to Hyderabad for business promotions and getting married to local girls here also need translators. So If you are well and good at Urdu translations, and Arabic translations, you are most welcome to Hyderabad.
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    (I would request the thread author to delete and remove the posts 603164 &603286, as they are avoidable and unnecessarily hinder the smooth progress of discussion.)

    Now, on the topic:
    It was after degree exams and I was awaiting results, I was entrusted with a translation task by someone known to my father. That was regarding a court case between two sects of a community.It involved a lot of complexities and legalities. The ordinary people could not understand properly what is written in the bundle of documents, all prepared in English .
    I had to translate them into Malayalam so that the non-legal people and members of the committee can understand what is presented in them.

    I did it to the best of my knowledge and was appreciated for that. However I did not get any significant payment because I was considered only as a student and they expected me to do them a service, exploiting familiarity with my father. The actual reason, I came to know later only, was they could not entrust such confidential matter to professionals or others for fear of leaking.

    Anyway, I would like to see how the discussion progresses and would like to get more information .

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    Partha - be warned! Do not cross the line as you did in your responses here. Everything is not witty or sarcastic. It is just in very poor taste.

    (The threads was mistakenly in 'new submission' and is approved now.)

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    There are many sites where jobs like translation, content writing, editing etc are available. Only thing is it should be a reputed site which we can find from the search sites asking for 'reputed top paying sites for online work'.

    Anyway fiverr is also one among the reputed one and you have to register there for working. There will be many like us working there and you will find a big group of people offering to do this or that. There will be jobs also but few in numbers and some people will try to grab them. I do not know whether indian languages to english translations are also available there or not. You can have a try.

    Fiverr pays in $ starting from 5$. At the time of payment they will ask for paypal account.

    If you are interested in translation or similar jobs you can try the sites of big book publishers also where such jobs may be available.

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    1. Mr. Venkiteswaran: Sincere thanks for your relevant response. This thread was raised to elicit relevant information.
    2. Mr. Mohan: No thanks for your irrelevant response.
    3. Ms. Vandana: (a) I fail to understand what was there in my previous responses. I supported the view of the concerned Editor and asked him to delete this thread because of 'policy violation'. Even if I support the Editor, will I be penalised!
    (b) Instead of warning me, you may consider issuing a warning to the concerned Editor asking him not to make so many mistakes. You may also seek clarification from him/her why points have been reduced from this thread (5 points to 3 points).

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    I have an account in fiverr. There will be big list of works to be done and there will be a big list of job doers also. But I never got a response for any of the offers. We have to pay some money as membership fee and they always ask people to do some certifications courses conducted by them and for which we have to pay fees. Overall my experience with that site is not that good.
    If you have known people who will really get the work done and give you money you can give a try. It is good. There are many other sites where they say offer on line translation jobs etc. But I have no experience with those site.

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    The mistake occurred when the intention was to shift the query to the AE section because over there the points allotted to a query are 3 only. It was a genuine intention to shift it as it was perceived as a good query for that section. After some internal discussion, it was decided to retain it in the forum itself as it looked fine here itself, but the points remained as 3. That was all there was to it. I will restore the points.

    As for your response, I do not think you were "supporting" any stand made by the Editor. From the responses it was clear that you were disgruntled and made a comment which was totally uncalled for. Instead, you could have simply sent a message to the Forum Lead Editor Saji Ganesh and made a request to know about this thread, why it was not showing as approved and with fewer points. Why did you post those comments, that too in your own thread?

    Now please do not take this thread off track. Members will give you guidance as per their knowledge. You can also refer: How to become a Translator and earn a living ?

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Dr. Rao: Thanks for the guidance. Mr. Umesh: Really good information.

    Ms. Vandana: Sincere thanks for the link, the last reply of that thread is particularly helpful.

    "you could have simply sent a message to the Forum Lead Editor Saji Ganesh":Simply not possible.

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    I tried my best, but nothing worked. We need to pay some sum first and lose it without any job.
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