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    My feelings can not fly

    Sir I am a simple guy, who want to help other. My father is a farmer and mother is housewife.
    I have one youngest brother and two sisters. Both sister were got married and brother also. I am still single. Due to my incoming sources, I often live a long distance from my family members. That why I feel myself as a irresponsible person who is not able to care his parents properly.
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    Sanatan Baishya warm welcome to this site as a new member and I can understand your position in the family. For a elder son like you the family responsibility is always more and the parents would expect more from you. Now having your sisters got married and also taking care of your parents , brother, it is now the turn for yourself to settle in the life. Normally the parents at the old age wants their son to be with them and he must cherish in life with children, But for few the work compulsion makes them to be away from the parents and that would be really taxing. I know by being away from the parents , you feel like left out and they also wont have the bonding required from you. What I suggest that if possible make transfer of your job near to your place so that the parents and brother are taken care off or leave the job and seek other job elsewhere.
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    If you are living away because you have a job there. But it is not to avoid them. So you need not think that you are irresponsible. In these times we can't live without income. So to earn our livelihood we may have to go away from parents. Even then you can take care of your parents by going to them every time it is possible and spending time with them. Send some money for them every month to take care of their expenses. That is the best you can do. If it is possible you can ask your parents to come to you or there is any chance you can get transferred to your native place so that you can live with them. All the best to you.
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    You need not worry much. The present world is such that you can serve your parents by sitting in any corner of the world. What is required is money and you are earning it from a far away place. Have bank account for your parents. Provide them ATM cards. Provide them mobile phones. Talk to your parents regularly everyday to have a feeling that you are with them. Use what'sapp and skype to see/show your faces. Though the earth is big, we live very close to each other due to the advanced communication technology.
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    Mr. Baishya: Welcome to ISC.

    So far as the subject of your thread is concerned, many people including me face similar situation. My father is 87+ and my mother is 80+. They live in Kolkata and I live in Delhi. I can't remain beside them during their twilight years, because they are not comfortable in Delhi, don't want to miss their friends and social life of Kolkata and more importantly, their trusted physicians of Kolkata Port Trust Hospital.

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    Being far from your family does not put a tag of 'not responsible' on a person. In fact if he has gone far off due to job compulsion and to support the family financially then I think he is the most responsible person.

    From your narration it is evident that you have already contributed a lot for your family and now you are feeling a bit of isolation in your place of work.

    In life such phases come but they soon fade away with time and better seasons replace them.

    So have hope and faith in Almighty and always believe there will be a better future.

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