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    If UPA did miserably how it is able to come to power a second term?

    At present in social media and other media there are lot of write ups saying Mr. Manmohan Singh's inefficient handling of the country, scams occured in his rule etc. If this is the case he might have not returned to the power second time. But he has convincingly won in the second term and made himself a good image in the eyes of the people. In my view to highlight Mr.Modi a bad propogonda was mooted over Mr.Singh. What is your opinion folks?
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    There were many factors that led UPA to retain its power in General Elections 2009. The left parties led by Karanth have strongly opposed the Nuclear deal with US and withdrew support to the UPA prior to the elections. Samajwadi party and BSP, for the reasons best known to them, have bailed out the Govt. in the No confidence motion and the hype was given that the Nuclear deal would help the country a lot. Added to this the then Speaker of the Lok sabha who was a strong CPM leader refused to quit the post and supported the deal. Thus Manmohan Singh became very strong in implementation of the deal and got endorsed as a successful and determined world leader.

    The above factor had the influence in the General election and weakened the Left parties in particular. Added to this, the BJP could not project a strong leader other than Advani and Mamohan's projection as a dynamic leader overshadowed everyone. Congress became more stronger in the erstwhile AP and bagged 35 seats out of 42 because of it dynamic leader Late YSR which helped them to have the control among the UPA partners. Had the party failed in AP at that time, the situation in the National scenario would have been different. The UPA-II became more weak because of various scams and the split in Congress in AP and also the unilateral decision to bifurcate the state of AP without proper working of modalities. The country found a new leader emerged in the form of Narendra Modi which was the root cause for its debacle and all these factors led them to meet their Waterloo in 2009 elections.


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    Good question raised by the author. If UPA was a failure in first term. how they come back to power for second term. Well the party managers in the Congress are well experienced to conceal and wrap up the wrong doings in the first term and with blind support of the alliance parties, the UPA came to power again. One more thing having sensed Congress looted during the first term, the alliance parties who were also partner in the government started looting their own Ministries left and right and finest example is the 2 G scam by DMK Minister. So what I am trying to say that it was Congress which started indulging in corruption but it could not come up during their office in power. But when BJP came to power all their dirty linen are washed in public. One thing is sure , the demonetization effect wont allow any party to come back to power hence forth.
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    The main reason for UPA to come to power 2nd time was no alternative strong party at that time. Mr. Advani was not accepted by many people for the reasons not known. There was no strong person who can be projected as Prime Minister. Mr.Atal was already old, So many people voted for congress and UPA.
    In 2014 elections BJP decided Mr.Modi as PM candidate before elections itself. Voters are very much in favour of him because of his workings in Gujarat.

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