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    How to motivate the new members of ISC to write articles

    I have been watching for some months that the new members joining ISC are busy in the forum or ask expert sections. In my view, the resource section is the most important section of ISC. New members should submit at least two to three articles a month. It will improve their writing skills which is necessary for their upcoming life and bright future. Most of the new members are young and can write article on different topics which are not possible to the old members, as the topics are not of our interest. Please give your suggestion to motivate the new members to encourage them for write articles.

    Please share your opinions in this thread.
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    The most simple way to achieve this is - ISC should organize weekly article writing contest by allotting a topic for the week, as they announce a topic for TOW during the last week of the month. I am sure, articles will pour in from the old members and the newbies.
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    The author has raised a good point! But why do the Members need to be motivated? I know there are some Members who mainly write Articles in ISC. They are already motivated. I remember that after joing the ISC, I started reading the vast resources available in the Articles section. Automatically I got inspired and started writing articles, although very few in numbers compared to some other Members.
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    I like to send a message of appreciation to those in whom I see potential as an author due to their forum participation and the manner of answering an Ask Expert query. I encourage them to start submitting articles as well.

    The problem is that members may not really want to or even have time to write good length quality articles. Forum and Ask Expert participation is quicker and easier than gathering information, creating a draft, putting in all requisite tags, giving it a final article has so many aspects! Understanding how to write a good article , that too meeting all the content submission guidelines can be a deterrent. We need to get this apprehension removed that it is tough to write an article, then the motivation factor will come in.

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    "Most of the new members are young and can write articles on different topics which are not possible to the old members, as the topics are not of our interest." - Hakimuddin, please elaborate on this statement.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    How to motivate the members to encourage them for write articles?
    Answer is simple give more rewards points and cc. At present reward lacks to the efforts required to write good articles.

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    Good initiation from the author to induce the new members to write articles. But the problem is that new members are bound to make mistake in article section by resorting to copy pasting activities and they think that it will not be noticed. For example my son Aditya has potential to write good article and good poems even. But once he made some mistake in the article section, he is banned from posting. Now he is not finding interest with the site and comes here when ever he feels free. So the inducement for a new comer that they should be tolerated and if possible the editor can make some corrections and pass the article so that first success can be sighted by them.
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    Thanks to the everyone for responding in the tread. I am grateful to editor for awarding CC and more points. Its a lot for me.
    @Vandana madam,
    Thanks and it would be better if you personally email the members to write article. It will certainly encourage them to write articles.
    The have stated the statement in a general and common way. There is a generation gap between young and old generation. Everything has changed. The music, art, dance,etc they like are not of our interest specially i don't like present generation music. The new topic of different subjects which are taught to them today were not taught to us. We do not know that topic. But they can write and elaborate that subjects in this site. That statement was used to show general view. I know there are some people who can search and write on almost every topic. They are all rounders and can accept every challenges.

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    A good post. Really article writing is a better option to increase writing skills. But as pointed out by Ms. Vandana, it is time taking process. We can't do it directly on the site. Where as in other sections we can post directly in the site. But for articles lot of preparation is required. It takes lot of time. So many people are not able to do that. In my case I am not getting much time to write and then giving all required tags and submit.
    As suggested by Mr. Master Sun, if the contests in article writing are increased, many people will take interest and post their articles.
    As said by Mr. Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala the new generation can write on the latest improvements or changes in various arts and science. Similarly the seniors can write on important issues like human values, ethics, attitudes and other useful topics which are not known to present generation.
    Article writing and posting will be very useful to all. Let us see whether ISC will come to with any novel idea in this respect.

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