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    Definitions of Success

    The definitions of success is different for different people.Some people think earning too much money is success. Some people think earning too much fame is success.Some think living a peaceful life is success.Some think doing welfare work is success.I think it is all in hand of God,what you think about success may be differ ,when God do not favour you.Some people accumulate too much wealth,when they come into C.B.I eyes this success become failure.In the same way some people become famous in short cut way.But this fame is not for ever.I think one should live the life in a way to think I am doing what God proposes for me.All my works are for His pleasure.I think it is success.
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    In my opinion we can say we are successful if
    1. We have food, clothes and shelter to live in.
    2. We have time to spend s with family without any problems.
    3. We have not done any harm to anyone for our benefit
    If we are happy in our life we can say we are successful.

    always confident

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    It is right that success means different things for different people. Everyone tries to do his best but results vary so the question comes regarding the well discussed topic 'fate'.

    There is definitely a hidden factor which some people believe as God or Almighty while others say 'chance' or 'luck'.

    Unfortunately most of the people have double standard. When they get success they say 'I did it'. On the other hand when they fail they curse 'bad luck'. So interpretation of success is different from individual to individual.

    Knowledge is power.

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