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    Nation wants to know the details of discussion

    Members are very well aware that China has been trying to encroach Bhutanese land in Doklam area by constructing road. India is responsible for maintaining the terrirorrial integrity of Bhutan by virtue of Indo-Bhutan Treaty.

    From military point of view, if China illegally constructs the road in Doklam, it can threaten Chumbi valley in Sikkim and can make a thrust upto Poshing La in Arunachal Pradesh in a conflict situation. In that case, India would lose the strategic advantage of speedily building up at Chumbi valley in case of conflict. Without going into more details, we can say that to prevent encroachment by PLA of China, India has sent troops in Doklam. Indian Army and PLA are in eyeball-to-eyeball situation at Doklam for around twenty eight days.

    Under these tense circumstances, a political leader, who, in actuality is only an M.P. (not the leader of opposition), recently met the Chinese Ambassador in India. The details of their discussion have not been made public.

    I seriously think that Nation wants to know the details of discussion between the M.P and the Chinese Ambassador. Did he go to the Chinese Embassy to know about the health of the Ambassador or about the weather of Beijing?
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    PM Modi has convened a meeting of opposition parties today to familiarize with the actions from China in the recent past and the proposal of NDA government on action to be taken would be discussed. Pakistan has been prevailing on China to intervene and tame India as time and again Modi government is cornering Pakistan and it cannot take good name in the books of US. So by keeping China as its shield Pakistan now plays the proxy role of playing with India in Bhutan and Sikkim borders. What the MP discussed with the Chinese officials has to be made public as it concerns to the security of the country.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks Mr. Mohan for your balanced response. I would like to know the opinion of other Members. Did the leader meet the Chinese Ambassador to discuss weather?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    When such a controversy is going on why a MP should go to Chinese Ambassador and discuss separately . These activities will definitely raise doubts in the minds of people of the country. At the same time keeping the subject of discussion secret is another point. Why it is not made public. The summary of the discussion should be made open. There is no second thought about it.
    Government meeting with opposition parties outcome is to be seen. We should teach a lesson to both Pakisthan and China. Mr. MODI will act wisely and see that China and Pakisthan should understand the capability of India.

    always confident

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    Because of such irresponsible and childish acts, the leader is nowadays addressed as 'Pappu'. First he denied that he had met the Chinese Ambassador, later he admitted it and said that it was his right to meet the Ambassador. However, this time people are not very amused.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    According to me, the issues concerning border "flare ups"with China are to be kept out of public domain. No harm in meeting Chinese Ambassador by MPs. If the discussions are on sensitive nature, it should not be disclosed. Sensitive issues should not be leaked to the public.
    By disclosing such things, the channel people only benefited and they try to scare public.
    Our aggressive foreign policies are started hurting China hence, they started hurting us.
    We have highly qualified, talented and trained people to deal with those issues.
    As a common man, the minimum thing we have to do is to stop buying Chinese products as we are unable to restrict the import from China because of WTA agreement.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    The referred leader was not behaving and performing with the seriousness and involvement expected of his status as leader of the major opposition party and a leader of the erstwhile ruling party, It was seen that at crucial junctures he is not available for any purposeful discussion and debate. Even his reactions and responses on matters concerning the nation as a whole and the public, are not upto the level of a national leader. He has yet to establish his place as a mature, effective and experienced leader.

    In such situation, i d not think he would have made any worthwhile discussion at all. The other side also would not have confided him anything. The only thing we are concerned is what he would have uttered to them without much thinking. It would have been better if an opposition party delegation met the ambassador and strongly condemned and conveyed this nations nation's concern and protested on China's actions at our borders.

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