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    Why most of the film celebrities go behind the bars?

    I remember Mr. MK Tyagaraja Bhagavathar, the Super Star and actor singer of the Tamil cinema went to jail in the 40s. Mr. MR Radha was jailed for shooting MGR. Ms. Jayalalitha was jailed for her disproportionate earning. Mr. Sanjay Dutt was jailed for his AK 47. Mr. Salman Khan was arrested for deer hunting and for drunken driving and killing the innocents. And many more cases to add.

    As of now, Mr. Dilip, a Superstar from Malayalam film field has been arrested as he conspired to kidnap and defame a female superstar of Malayalam cinema.

    What could be the reason? Is it due to the change in their attitude and behaviour as a cinema star? Is it happening due to their planet and star position in their horoscope? Or Is it due to some other reason?
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    I am not sure that but there are speculations that once the movie industry was under the influence of some terrorists. There are many videos on youtube showing popular film stars with people like Dawood Ibrahim. In one video, there is a phone conversation between him and Sanjay Dutt in which they are talking like friends. So, this friendly relation might be one of the reason for the illegal activities. Aslo, it is human tendency that once we get something, we want more. So once an actor gets famous, he years for more and due to this desire of earning more one can resort to ways that are not legal.
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    Yes the author has raked up the right thread when there is storm going on in Telugu film Industry where in scores of new and old actors involved in illegally procuring drugs and taking it. Taking leads from a person caught by the police, the notices were issued to the actors and actress the names of whom I do not want to mention here. But the fact is that as soon as they become star and minting money the black color way, they resort to all kinds of tantrums and even go to the extent of drugging. So actors going to jail on one pretext or the other has become one more fashion statement. They must know that being celebrity their every move is watched by the media and even one misbehavior in the public amounts to bad image and that brings whole lots of disrepute to the Film Industry. Therefore the change of behavior is nothing but their attitude.
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    We generally use the term 'most' when the percentage crosses 50. How many filmstars have been sent to jail? It is less than 5%. So, we must not use 'most' so often.

    However, the filmstars are basically arrogant, less educated and spoilt people. All the so-called social services they do, are for PR purpose. They don't bother about rules or laws. They are confident that their lawyars would take hefty fee and mange to change the course of investigation or justice. Even if they receive jail term, they will be paroled on smallest excuses.

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    They get too much name and fame .They forget that they are also in the eyes of Law.They think they can win a case because they have a lot of money.They involve themselves in many wrong things.After playing the role of gangsters ,they get confidence to play these roles in real lives.They have no care ,what the common people think about them.
    Some of them ,who play negative roles ,draw the young generation towards criminal activities.Some young boys lost their lives seeing the stunts ,which are shown by them.

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    It is a very interesting thread and I appreciate the authors ingenuity to bring it to the forum.

    Actually people are going to jail or are being arrested from all the categories in society but only cine stars and politicians get publicity as they are well known and even followed by so many fans. It is really unfortunate that we have so many examples to quote.

    Some of them linger going to jail due to delay in judicial proceedings and get time by hiring the best lawyers. Others try to pay hefty amounts to witnesses or other concerned persons to get the verdict in their favour. Some of them even come out of jail before their term based on the report of their extraordinary good behaviour.

    Anyway the trend is not healthy from the point of view of a common man.

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    Film stars are celebrities. Always people will be watching their movements and following them very often. So their achievements as well as their undoings will be highlighted. So if one or two are going behind bars it is getting highlighted. Otherwise many other people are going behind bars but we may not know much about it.
    A point to note is so far any telugu famous artist was behind bars. From last one week there are many news about drugs usage by various students of different colleges and the root is going to Telugu film industry artists. We have to wait and watch upto what extent It will go. Many of the film stars are very rough in their behaviour and always they try to dominate others. sometimes they behave roughly with fans also. The amount of wealth they accumulate and their fan following make them careless and that is leading to bad behaviour. This may be the cause for some artist going behind bars.

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