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    All human beings can't be of equal caliber.

    God has created all of us. some are tall. some are short. Some are stout. Some are lean. similarly the IQ levels also vary from person to person. But everybody will try to live in happily. They try to earn as much as they can and try to keep their family happy. I don't think anything wrong in this.
    All students writing exam many not get equal marks. some may get 100%. Some may get 35% and pass. But they are also qualified and they can also try for job and earn. Is it a wrong doing ? We can't say why he is trying for a job, he just passed only. I think it is not correct
    All human beings can't be of equal caliber. But no one can say that the less caliber person can't try for success in life. As long as we are not doing anything illegal we have every right to try for anything and everything. Whether we are successful or not is not important. But your trials are important. What do you say friends.
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    Yes, not all persons are of equal calibre. But success depends on various factors and calibre is only of many such factors. Determination and hard labour are two more important factors (than calibre) to become successful. Optimum utilisation of the calibre (less or more) is more important than calibre.
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    In a family of four itself there are different taste, caliber and preferences. For example in my home , I am commerce person having lots of public relations and interactions outside the home. My wife is a teacher and good drawing artist. Her caliber we cannot copy nor equal. My son is the great thinker and pursuing chemical Engineering and now my daughter choose doctor field. In one house when we can see four different caliber, then imagine the families and the societies living all over the world. That is why we must respect the caliber of each person and should not undermine.
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