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    Why the society wont respect the boys below 10 years and the elders above 70 years !

    I was procuring my grocery items at my kirana store and observed two things while transacting. A boy with some money came to the shop to fetch some items given in the chit my his mother. But the shop owner refused him to give the items and turned away. Like wise one elder came to fetch items on credit to which the shop owner asked him to send his son. On questioning the shop owner told me that children below 10 years cannot be trusted and given the material as they may cause mischievous on the way and even loose the money returned as residue. And the elder person might have come to fetch things without the notice of his son ?
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    I think by seeing a single incident making a general statement may not be correct. Why should a 10 years boy should be respected by the seller. He is a boy without any financial independence. Again that dependence on the relation between the shopkeeper and the buyer's family. Tomorrow if the family questions the vendor he may not be able to give an answer.

    I know many people in the society respect old people. In my native place my parents stay. The villagers help them in all ways. While going out for any purchases the neighbors will ask about our parents requirement and bring those items. Father will give them the cash. If my parents require anything they phone up to the shop keeper, he will send all the material and take money from father. Everybody in the village respect them. Respecting a person depends on the behavior of the individual also.

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    It is not a thread expected from you by seeing one incident. While I was a child below ten, I used to fetch things from the shop. The shop keeper always used to give me some additional things free of cost. I do not agree that a 70 year old man was refused for such things. May be the particular old man was ignored and not cared by his stupid son and known to the shopkeeper. An unnecessary thread to discuss an useless issue.
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    The quoted incident cannot be a representative example. It is to be taken as the experience of the shopkeeper and reaction based on his knowledge of the situation and capabilities of the two. He is just a prudent or cautious trader who evolved his reaction and response based on his general experience or specific experience;that is all.

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