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    Is TV viewers are reducing nowadays.

    10 years back majority of people were spending lot of time before the TVs. We were witnessing lot of discussions among people about these TV shows. With that trend many TV channels emerged and viewer's are flooded with various programs and serials. Afternoon in villages we used to witness a very big gathering before TV for viewing their favorite serials. The discussions among them regarding the progress of the serials and behaviour of various roles were very interesting.

    But recently my observation is that watching TV is slowly coming down. The main reason for this may be the emergence of social media and apps on the smart phones. Even house wives are busy in chatting on smart phones, videos on you tube. Facebook, whatsapp and twitter are playing a very important role and slowly people are moving away from TVs. As a personal experience in our house the average TV time has reduced to 1 hour per day this year from about and average of 4 hours last year.
    What are your views on this?
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    Yes, it is true that the average TV time has reduced. Availability of smart phones at a cheap price and easy accessibility to internet is the major reason for it. People are busier on social sites these days. Moreover, if you want to watch TV shows, they are easily available on the internet. Also, the youth is more attracted to the content online. Nowadays creators are launching their work on the internet in form of web series, short videos etc. So internet is the major reason for this decline in TV viewership.
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    Yes, viewers are reducing. The main cause of this fact is social media, specially internet. 10-15 years ago, there were more people spent their time in watching T.V. There was no option for viewers to spent the free time except if they did not want to play. In these days, they watched Ramayana, Mahabharata and other famous religious show on T.V.

    Nowadays, we also busy in our present life and do not want to spend time on watching T.V. Because we easily watch show through Internet which is offered by T.V. in their time schedule. People are more exciting to know some new than past time. Also there are many different field to discover which is easily available in social media. Younger likes chat in Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter offered by smartphone.
    There are many field to make money through internet and we also know why money is important in our present life. So people wants to make money than spending free time on watching T.V.

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    Yes except for viewing some news channels at a particular time and some prime serials of rich content, I am giving less important to television viewing pleasure. Now the shortage of time coupled with cell phone in hand is making every one to use the time wisely and not waste on the televisions content as they are used to be same and no change at all. The so called daily serials are made with the concept two husband and three wives or more be it Hindi or even regional languages. Instead I prefer to watch the comedy or jokes channel to get some laughter dose for daily and also watch the Comedy central channel for the Laugh for gags. And there is one more program which comes in Infinity channel is about new business opportunities invented by various people and seek Sharks intervention of capital Investments and that is very interesting.
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    Considerably. Reasons:
    1. All the good shows are now gone.
    2. Rising popularity of apps like Voot and Hotstar.
    3. Internet news is far better in content. It's both brief and significant.
    4 . Indian TV'S target audience was never the youth.
    5. Still there are houses which hasn't connected their TV to dishes or setup boxes.
    6. Jio has now given a wider reach of internet to masses,so why watch TV?
    7. The quality of TV shows internationally is decreasing.

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    It is very true that due to emergece of social media and serious technical and managerial sites engaging people in various discussions, learning etc., the viewing time of TV has considerably reduced.

    People are only going to TV for top news channels or popular soaps or some other interesting show.

    So number of person seeing TV may not be substantially reduced but the time which an individual was spending towards TV is considerably reduced. The interruption in a TV program by advertisements is one more reason for distraction from viewership.

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