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    Karkitaka masam for Malayalees starts today

    Today, 17th July, is an important day for Malayalees who follow the traditional outlook. It is the beginning day of the month Karkitaka, the last of 12 months as per Malayalam calender. Next is Chingam month the first month of next year (1193),the month of Onam, the festival season for Kerala. Karkitakam is generally a month of rain and the people of Kerala rarely go out for work in early days. Hence they remain in their homes and pray Gods by rendering epics like Ramayana. Even now this month is considered as Ramayana masam and devotees read Ramayanam at home or join together and read it within the premises of a nearby temple.
    Also this month is considered good for cleaning the houses as well as ones body. Cleaning body means undergoing Ayurvedic treatments such as 'Dhara', 'Pizhichil', etc. Most of the people go for soft food items which are easily digested.
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    T.M. Sankaran,

    Thank you. I got some interesting information. Can you elaborate please - what is the exact meaning of "Karkitaka"? Also, is there any connection between the epic and this particular month only? Meaning, some aspect of the epic is related to this particular month?

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    The word karkitaka is a malayalam translation for the word cancer (A small creature which bites and is slightly poisonous too ). Actually this name is given to the constellation of stars which looks some what like a cancer. It is one of the twelve constellations.

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    This is a good piece of information to me. All these days I am under the impression that all Hindus will have same calendar. But as per this post it is not so. In our Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for the Telugu people it is Ashada Masam half the way as on date. The next month is Sravana which is very important for recently married ladies. They perform Varalakshmi puja in this month and the boy will gift her some gold ornament as gift. First year after marriage the lady's in laws will bring good gold article as gift. From second year onwards it depends on their position and liking. Our Karthika masam will come somewhere around November. Our year starts with Chaitram and ends Phalguna masam.
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    What I understand from the author that Karkataka month has began for Malayalees and for Tamilizans also Aadi masam as began. During this month nothing auspicious is done. No marriage talks nor marriage takes place. That is the reason being so many shops and jewelers offer discount and offers to attract the customers. Even the clothes and sarees are sold in Kgs and at reasonable rates. But one should not confuse between Karkataka masam and Karthika masam. Karthika masam would come after Deepavali and that is the festival of lights when every home is decorated with earthen pot lights.
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    A very interesting and informative narration by the author. In our country during rainy season many people are engaged in religious activities and fasting also. This is the time for observing religious activities and recitation of religious books and prayers.

    This is a common element between the different parts of country during the mansoon time. In north India it is known as shravan maas ( month of shravan) and people observe fast and other religious activities.

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    Karkitaka in Malayalam or Aadi in Tamil is a special unfavourable month for the newly married couples. In this month, the newly married couple will be kept separated. The reason is - If the bride conceives in the month of Karkitakam, she would deliver the baby in the month of Chithirai which is the hottest month which will be uncomfortable for delivery. (As said by our elders). It falls between 15th July and 15th August. Aadi is the month when the textiles will be sold at reduced rates. All the old textile stocks will be sold in this month. Textile shops will be overcrowded with pull and push on the counters. It is happening in the south, especially in Tamilnadu. I do not know about other southern states and Northern states.
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    It is nice that T.M.Sankaran has come up with this thread. He had raised an informative thread on Karkitakam in similar occasion in 2014 also.

    As Karkitakam or Adi or even Shravan comes towards the end and peak of rainy days, the month remains almost a difficult month of people especially in early days. The period was a recharging by nature for the new farming activities that has to start.

    In a month of joining ISC in 20111, I had submitted an article on Karkitkam. Master Sun had posted a thread on Aadi Amavasya, in 2016.

    It will be interesting and relevant now to visit /re-visit the referred threads and article to have some details about the month of Karkitakam or Aadi (in Tamil) and te discusions bringing inputs.

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