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    Do you use polite words in place of crude ones?

    In every language there are different words to describe same thing or activity. English is no exception. These words appear soft and polite as compared to their harsh counterparts.

    Many people use polite words in place of crude ones. Some examples are 'wash room' in place of toilet, 'domestic help' in place of servant, 'chubby' in place of fat, 'front office executive' in place of counter clerk, 'mentally challenged' in place of mad etc. etc.

    Are you also aware of other such polite equivalents? What do you feel about them?
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    Yes I am aware of such words. As mentioned by you it is better, to be polite and use polite words which will not spoil the moods of others, always . Even if we find a mistake in others instead of pointing out or bluntly telling, if we make them to understand is better.It is wise to convey our dissatisfaction softly in humble words. But sometimes what happens even though we are trying to be polite, the others will use abusive language and we will get provoked.
    Some persons will not understand our point and try to argue without a meaning. Those times to put a stop for the argument we may have to convey the message strongly . There is no other go.
    Sometimes without knowing the exact meaning of the words we use some words which may bring irritation to the others. So we should try to use correct words and convey the message softly.

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    Of course,the same has been reiterated I'm many of our religious books that applying soft words to crude ones loosen the force in the crude and weaken the crudeness.

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    Yes it is good to use the polite words in English and some times we can create the same on our own or out of experience too. For example those who are mentally not fit can be called as Mentally challenged, those who are physically not fit can be called as Physically challenged. Like wise those serve the food at hotel instead of waiter, we can call him the Host Manager, and those who are looking after the elder parents in the guise of nurse can be called as Elders Manager. And those who are guarding the elites, instead of calling and referring them as body guards, now a days they are referred as Bouncers.
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    I think I am diplomatic. I always use polite words. I feel everyone should do that. In order to maintain good formal social relations, diplomacy is paramount. But continuous and wrong use of these "polite" words can ruin one's language. After all a language's foremost duty is to convey information properly.
    So use these words in a limit.

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    Yes, I think its a good quality who have in his personality. It makes a man be positive. we know that people react to positive sounding words. If we use polite words in our conversation, than it is more useful and constructive. It helps to understand and communicate to others.

    Language is a powerful tool. Its express yourself whether your way is positive or negative. Even when you are speaking a unpleasant information by using polite words, it may reflect soften and agreeable. Its a internal quality and skill, having use of polite language in our conversation. I think its a manner also.

    Its also more helpful to project a positive image by using positive words with our customers, staff, in our business as well as office circumstances. So we should always aware of it.

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    Language is the bridge for communication. Though the purpose of communication can be met with ordinary or crude language but the effect of that can be disastrous and may be instrumental in ending the relations between the persons.

    So communication is one part and using balanced words and polite language is another part which are supplementary to each other and increase the strength of communication.

    I fully agree that soft and polite language has many advantages and people using them command a good respect in society.

    Knowledge is power.

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