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    Some times points are not getting added.

    When I am submitting my forum responses, it is showing that some error occured and your message could not be saved. But my post is getting posted correctly and points also got allotted. But the original message what I have typed is still appearing in the space where we type our response. That means my matter is posted as well it is appearing in the down column also. The important thing is the points allocated are not getting into the day's total. It happened last week once and again today morning. I request the concerned to look into the matter.
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    Yes, I have had this problem of my response showing as already posted and also appearing in the box immediately below it as a sort of draft. What I do, then, since the response did get posted, is to close the tab itself. That way, I will avoid having the response being submitted in duplicate.

    Regarding the points, if I am not mistaken this does get sorted out either when you log out and log in again later in the day or log in the next day.

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    Earlier it was happening like that Ms. Vandana. But last week once it happened I have constantly watched it and even I logged out and logged in . But there is no change in the points. I am not sure whether it is added or not
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    Yes it has happened to me many times. What I do is, I will delete the contents shown in the box and go to the edit button , copy the content and again re- post. This time the entry is taken and the lost point is also regained.
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    Here is what you can do - I do it and it works for me. Just click on the edit tab, and resubmit your post. You do not need to delete the post. All you have to do is click on the edit button and click on the 'submit' button. Your points will be restored.

    The same issue was brought up by Partha in this thread. Please check my response in the thread.

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