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    Scientists succed in removing spilled crude oil from the sea.

    It is reported that two Indian Scientists working at the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER,Thiruvananthapuram) have come out with a novel method to remove spilled crude oil from the sea. This spilling of crude oil cause high ecological disaster along the seashore. Oil spills from the oil containers pose high environmental and economic threats and thus scientists were trying several methods to recover the floating oil from the water before it reaches the shore but could not solve it. Now the two Scientists Karna M. Sureshan and Annamalai Prathap have come out with tiny chemical balls which suck the oil floating on the water.

    These Scientists used a compound based on cellulose and manitol (A sugar derivative) to create a porous sponge like granule that absorbs the oil through capillary action and keep it within. These pellets can simply be sowed on the oil spill and recovered.
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    Oil spill is really an ecological disaster and scientist community is engaged in finding solutions to it. It is really a great news that our scientists have invented a method. If this method is found useful then there will be commercialization of the material soon and it will be available to the industrial teams engaged in cleaning of oil spills.

    I thank the author for posting such important and encouraging news.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is very nice to know. Many times people talk about oil spills causing ecological disaster along the seashore. Now as per this news Indian Scientists come out with a solution for this problem . This is good news and we should congratulate the scientists for their excellent work.
    If the technology is proved in a higher scale it will be a blessing to society.

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    Applause to Scientists Karna M. Sureshan and Annamalai Prathap for knowing the simple idea of removing spilled crude oil from the sea and ocean. This is the great finding and very helpful. Only two months back there was worst ever oil spill near Chennai and we know how the crude was removed from the ocean manually and the problem is yet to be solved. Now with tiny chemical balls, the spill can be made to suck and thus the water can become free from the spill of crude. But what happens when the spill turns into solid and it wont allow the balls to observe in totality and keep the sea water free from silt ?
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    It is to be welcomed. Proud to know that our scientists are working hard . But how successful it will be? It is yet to be seen practically. It is not very easy to recover the oil spill from a tanker. An oil tanker contains many mega tonnes of crude oil. To recover this oil, we may need many mega tonnes of chemical compounds. What would be the cost effectiveness to manufacture such sponges to suck the entire oil spread to many square miles at sea ? What happens if an oil tanker sinks in the mid ocean which will affect the marine life?
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    Fabulous news conveyed by the author and splendid work done by our scientists.
    Salute to their work.

    The problem of oil spill carried a great environmental threat and it's solution was not an easy task. Leakage of oil in marine water caused tremendous problems whose approximation can't even be judged.

    After the finding of water on moon by Indian scientists this news have influenced me greatly. I really appreciate their work.

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    It is learned that these scientists who invented this have already applied for the patency of the invention. Hence the commercialisation will be only with their consent.

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    At last some good news in this horrifying world. I wonder what took us this long to figure out a solution. We know that oil and water are immissible. All we had to do was to figure out a way to absorb the oil on surface.
    But this isn't even a solution to environmental problems. Because as soon as spill occurs, the reaction kills the marine organisms. All that we can do is retrieve the spilt oil. We need to find a way to cope with the problem even before the accident occurs.

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