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    Can Virat kohli will a best captain of India for future?

    all Indian knows MS. Dhoni is a best captain for India after Saurav Ganguly, and MS. Dhoni known as captain cool. after MS. Dhoni can Virat Kohli will best captain for India. can Virat Kohli become a successfull captain.
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    Now the matter being discussed by the author is going to be increasingly interesting because the new coach Ravi Shastri , with assistants Sanjay Bangar, Ramakrishnan Sridhar, Bharat Arun would now influence who is going to be the formidable captain of the Team India for future. There seems to be lots of politics being going on India team as the Manager, coach are not having cordial relations with the official committee nominated by the SC. So we have to see what is going to happen in near future as regards to a permanent and good captain for the Team India. Therefore guessing is waste.
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    Mr.Kohli is a good player but he is not cool man. He always raises the temper of others by showing his displeasure. Even in the incident of Coach for Indian team also his arrogance is seen. A very decent and soft spoken man like Mr. Kumble was not accepted by him. To advise players to do what they are supposed to do was the wrong act of coach as per the Captain.
    Unfortunately many of the people involved in the administration of the game are having their own interests and they act according to that. Mr.Dravid is known to all of us as good player with lot of technique in the game. He is doing a nice job as Coach to under 19. He name is also hanging around for adviser of batting. Now the new coach says he wants another person as batting adviser. All is politics and genuine players are suffering.
    In this environment we can't say whether one will be successful or not.

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    I think Virat kohli is Good batsman but as captain point of view I will give 6 out ten and for Dhoni its 9 out of 10. Dhoni did well job as captain and he was good luck person.

    Now its time for Virat but I think this time Ajinka Rahane will be better captain than Kohli because Ajinka Rahane has cool nature like dhoni and can manage team better than Virat.

    I do not prefer Virat as captain but I like him as a best batsman.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Hey Dear ,
    No matter how many games you won for your country or team but the best captain is decided by the era he faced , contribution to team and ability to take up loss , approch towards achieving this.Talking about indian cricket team , till now saurav ,dhoni , kapil dev are considered as one of best captains but their era's are different .So one can't compare them with each other.

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    I think virat kohli is a very good captain in test series and as well as the batsman of all format but the kohli is future is very well captancy of indian team because the team played very well

    Virat kohli is best player in the world in all format but kohli is no better than the ms dhoni .ms dhoni is brilliant captain of india .and I wish virat kohli is better captancy in indian team in future ..

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    Virat Kohli is a good captain and there is no point in changing him as he is managing the show nicely. He can continue for sometime until the players are not happy with him. If due to his behaviour he does not pull on than Rohit Sharma is a good choice.

    It depends more on the cricket board management whom they perceive as a good captain in future.

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    Virat Kohli is a very positive captain. His approach towards the game is always aggressive. His win percentage is quite good as well but it will be too soon to say whether he will be a good captain or not as most of his wins have come in India or the subcontinent. Even the away tours were with weaker teams as of now like Srilanka, West Indies, Bangladesh etc. His real test will be against nations like Australia, South Africa in their soil. Also, we shouldn't compare his captaincy to the likes of M.S Dhoni as both have a completely different style but both are successful.
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    Virat Kohli is an awesome cricketer, an hard worker with more determination to succeed. If you look at his records, it will clearly show that his average while chasing is a lot higher as like MS Dhoni. A cricketers average high at chasing explains you how much he is influencing to the team's winning, in that case both MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli plays a vital part in Team's success. Both of them has there own qualities that was the factor which drives them towards success in their cricketing life. MSD is a cool character, while Virat is known for his aggressive mindset. At 2007, nobody had no idea of Dhoni and his captaincy, but we had trust on him especially after 2007 World Cup. So it is not necessary to think that Virat should continue his captaincy only if he lift the worldcup. We have to build trust on his captaincy same as his batting performance. He is not performing bad either in his captaincy as well in his batting till date since he started his transition from Dhoni. So be patient give sufficient time for Kohli to evolve as a good captain, he already started to change a bit on his approach and tries to control his emotions in recent Sri Lanka tour.
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    I can't say exactly whether he will be best or not but yes he will be one of the successful captain in the history of Indian cricket. We all know that he is a brilliant batsman and a good fielder as well. After Dhoni retired from Test cricket, Kohli was given the responsibility of test team captain and under his captaincy India won two three successive test series against some of the world's best test teams. These wins point towards his bright future as captain.
    Many of the members here think that Kohli is too short tempered. But I think being aggressive in the ground is also necessary as it improves your game by increasing your energy level. He was short tempered at the start but now he is growing mature. He understands his responsibility very well and under his captaincy Indian team is doing great in one day international as well as in T-20 cricket. So, I am assured that he will be one of the few successful captain of India and will lead the Indian cricket team to new height of success.

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