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    Do you receive Fake Calls for Credit Cards, Banking ATM and asking details like OTP etc

    How to save yourself from online frauds and on call frauds. This story of mine may help you.

    This is very serious thing, If you are user of credit cards, ATM, Gmail, Aadhar card or bank account numbers etc. It is difficult to identify some times who is genuine and who is fake. Even though i am soo tech savvy and know lot about Internet, computers and Online frauds. I gave my credit card details to one online call. At that time, i thought i lost money. But later i told everything to family and with help of customer care, i blocked my credit card and got new one.

    I think Greed in humans are big problem, when some time you receive offers on various things. Your mind just want to take the benefit of them or atleast want to listen what is the offer. This is how scammers take benefit peoples..

    Every one knows who are the users of credit cards like SBI, Hdfc, Citi, Icici, Bob etc they get regular offers via sms or ecommerce sites like flipkart, Amazon, etc that they will pay back this much rs on buying of this much amount etc. So, what i was referring greed may create problems.

    When a scammer call you. Most of time he may ask you. Hello Am i talking to Ms Pooja surname and later he will tell i am calling from this this bank credit card department. Scammers may also know you are using which credit card. for example if you are using SBI credit card. They may have you details scrapped dump. They also call from such numbers which may have True caller name like SBI etc. These are two three things you need to know. It is really difficult from true caller app to know, whether call is coming from real or fake credit card department. Later they will ask you Sir, we have an offer for you. we are providing 20% cash back on purchases you make from credit cards. we are also providing free gifts like addidas shoes etc

    Later they will tell you. To verify, your identity we will call you from IVRS call in which you need to provide details of credit cards and once the call finish, we will send free gift as well. Lot of tech savvy people who knows, we don't have to verbally say anything but to enter via mobile. This is how i got scammed on my credit cards for half an hour. Once i feed the information, they were like we are sending you gifts like shoes, kitchen set , watch etc etc. Later she told me that, you have confirming that we will send you gifts on this this price 20,000 and i was like oh my god. Possibly i was saved due to scammers may not be able to use details as card requires otp and block for international usage.

    Later i also receive couple of calsl like Am i speaking Mr My Name and it is about credit card details. I straight away say, I don't use credit card etc. other person like you don't use credit card close the call. If you receive, true call they will directly say sir you have entered wrong password as pin on this this date. Do you want help in assisting to generate new password? etc

    So, never give details like Credit card number, CVV numbers, date, Gmail Pin, ATM Pin, Aadhar details etc
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    Every one of us who are owning the smart phone and has the social media accounts are bound to get such fake calls seeking our personal and banking details. Why because the social media are asking our phone numbers to be made as compulsory registration in order to retrieve the pass words later. In that situation one can have the access to the phone numbers and I believe some net hackers are very much trained to hack others accounts and know the personal details and even phone number. Once the phone number is got to hand, we believe that someone known to us or close associate is calling and without even thinking of the reality, we may sometimes tend to give all details. So we should not give credit card number, cvv nuber, date , g mail address or for that matter any information about us.
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    It is very important to be alert with such fake calls because money earned by lots of hard work may go in vain if any scammer know out the details of our private information.

    This thread can become a source of awareness for our fellow members if everyone share their views in this regard.

    Actually in this month I too received a fake call from an unknown number. On receiving the call the person informed me that I have not linked my aadhar card with my SBI bank account and as a result this account may be deactivated. He was talking so seriously that it aroused a sense of emergency. I occasionally switched on my speaker and raised the audiblity so that my father too can hear this. Within a moment my father understood the evil act and tried to pursue his details, but the man was a little smart and he dismissed the call.
    So I was saved from the cyber crime!

    But not everyone understand this fraud and get trapped in this web. The scammers firstly try to inquire the knowledge level of receiver and if he thinks that he is a layman than traps him. Lots of Jan dhan accounts have also been hacked through this fake calls and poor people have lost their treasure. So this must be acquainted that online linkage of monetary posses a great threat!

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    So far I have not received any such calls. But one day my brother who stays in vizag received a call and told him that they are from their bank . They asked him about his debit card number, pin number and they told him that he will receive a OTP and after 5 minutes rang up and asked the OTP. My brother is in office and is in some urgent work and given these details without thinking. After 10 minutes he recognised the mistake he has done and gone to the bank account and seen that somebody utilised Rs.30.000/- from his account for online purchase from a online trades. My brother's son is having the email address of that on line trader. He has sent immediately an email to the company asking them stop the despatch and given all the details. The company stopped that transaction and deposited that amount back in my brother's account.
    We should be careful and we should not give bank details,credit card details and OTPs to anybody. This kind of cheating activities are on higher side.

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    Yes. I did receive some callls of that nature. Someone alleging that they are from the SBI credit card department and say," Helllo, Am I speaking to Mr. Sun. I am from SBI credit card section. Your Credit limit has been increased to Rs.400000. Can you tell me your date of birth? What is your mother's name? When I asked why they ask for such info, they would say that it was to verify. Then they would ask whether I wanted some loan which will be sanctioned immediately. I would politely say that I did not want to take any loan. This happened more than four times.
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    My relative today receive a call for old health insurance policy. First we thought, call may be genuine. Caller was telling that your old policy is eligible for refund. After long time he told us that for verification, they need pan card, aadhar card and bank details to some address. Also, we need to give them one installment and send them check of some amount. When we told him, we have cash problem and we will not be able to pay him.
    So, these days peoples are pretending and doing all types of scams.

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