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    Your comments about the child singer

    If you are a regular TV watcher, you must have seen the Sa Re Ga Ma Star singer programme, and you must have observed a young boy singer Jayas Kumar who sings well and gets the applauds. The boy is very talented. He is just 6 years old . I really wonder the gift he is bestowed by God.
    What is your good comments about this youngest star singer
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    Some children are prodigy and they get the luck and ambition coupled with hard work and dedication to achieve their life cherished goals. This boy seems to be destined to win the Sa Re Ga Ma Star singer programme with ease. We should thank his parents for identifying the talent inside the boy and they brought up the enthusiasm to the fore and when the got the right platform to highlight his voice, it worked wonders. Given his voice and texture , surely he will be the playback singer soon to be picked by noted musicians. Such child prodigies are gift to the film Industry and they cherish the whole attention.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Mr. Mohan,
    From your response, what I understand is - You never watched the program and don't know the child singer. A response as usual to add on.

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    The child singer's talent was appreciated by the Hindi film music director Himesh Rashammiya, and he has assured him an offer to sing a song under his direction. When the music director asked him what would be his charge for singing, the boy told Rs. One lakh. Great is the small boy.
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    I have not seen the program but from your thread came to know this. It is right that very few children can perform so well which the great singers has achieved after decades of practice and efforts.

    These things can be understood only from the concept of God gift. Such talent at such age is really something bestowed by divine power.

    Anyway I will be making further comments only after seeing the performance of the boy.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My response was in tandem with your question, Only thing I was not aware is the offer made by Rashemiaya for the child and his response for that. Everyone may not watch every program for that matter.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan,
    It is not prudent to comment every thread without having a knowledge and not practically experiencing it. You are doing it for the sake of adding your points, I think. Until unless you watch the programme, you shouldn't comment it, especially this young child singer. You are not asked to comment on a philosophical or a general thread.

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    I have not seen the program and not aware of the the singer. But from your post I understand that he is a good singer.
    Now days on many television channels music based programmes are giving good entertainment and bringing out hidden talent in the young. Paduta Teeyaga, a programme Etv telugu is one such program and many new singers evolved from this show and they became singers in tollywood.
    Recently on Zee Tv Bol Baby Bol a music program for children is very interesting and good talent is coming out.
    I have not comment on the particular program as I have not seen that

    always confident

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    Such programmes are really a good opening for the children who have real spirit and ability. But the pity so far I heard, the spending by such aspirants are high and the people of middle class with good aspirants suffering much to meet such expenses. Second problem in such programmes are the children as well parents are not making up their mind that such programmes are only for fun and joy. When the children are not selected both parents and children got upset more. By keeping everything aside, such programmes are really invited one.

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    What I wanted to know from the members is something pertaining to one particular child, and what the members posted is different. No one could meet my requirement. This is evident that no member has watched the programme Sa Re Ga Ma programme to know the child singer.
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