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    Update guidelines as and when they are introduced

    It is good to have policies; they help define what is acceptable and what is not. However, when a policy is newly implemented it should come as a message, so all members know how to act in the future. I do not see a reason for penalising member(s) for a rule which had not been previously mentioned. My views are based on this thread, where the member's points were deducted because a new rule was introduced.

    There is another problem that I observe with diktats that are posted in forum threads and are not available in the Help section. Only members who read the threads are made aware of the new policies. What of all the others who miss the threads, how do they keep abreast with the changes?

    ISC should list the changes in policies, as they happen, in a place where they are accessible to all. Piecemeal advisories do not complement an educational site. Clarity is essential in all walks of life, more so on an educational site.
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    Juana , thanks for this thread which speaks in support of my post which was deleted for no reason. Earlier astrology subject was dealt with and discussed in detail and suddenly the ISC makes new policy for which we are not aware. The forum has become so strict that we cannot discuss what we have in mind and ISC is allowing the same old subjects time and again which is becoming boring for the regulars like me. Due to this strictness the forum is looking weak and pale with no members venturing new threads fearing loosing of points and also their pride. ISC administration needs to ponder over what was said by the author.l
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    Yes, I fully support. There must be a Compendium of Instructions/policy decisions in ISC. This Compendium must be regularly updated at least once in a fortnight and all the Members must be asked to read the Compendium. A Lead Editor supported by a few Editors must be entrusted to manage this Compendium Sub-section.

    This would be like Swamy's (Muthuswamy & Brinda) Handbook of Rules which is very famous in Government.

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    We have informed Webmasters of this suggestion and the thread referred to in it as well.
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    All the rules and regulations should be known to all the members. So they all should be at one place. Any additions and deletions should be updated there. Help topics also can be updated with new introductions. If it is mentioned in one thread and not updated in help topics, chances of forgetting are very high. As mentioned by the author chances of not reading will also exist.
    Once it is done there is no chance for any member to comment on the reasons for rejection of their postings. In the absence of this clarity many may hesitate to write with a fear of minus points and rejections.

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    Great! Thanks.

    If a change ensues and policies get defined, then 'legitimate' decisions will also not appear arbitrary, the way they currently do.

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    I would like to mentioned here to the authority people in ISC, If they can send a courtesy message when some posts are getting deleted or locked to members who are if not new but at least know ISC from long. It will only create a strong understanding between members and the editors. Being Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer but it can only create problems for the future and brings only doubt in mind.

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    I agree to the view of Mr. Jeets. Courtesy messages will definitely remove many misunderstandings among the Editors and the Members.
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    Thanks Partha, but I have said what has been already said time to time by senior members.
    Sorry, I would not like to divert this thread but again I do not want to post a fresh thread too for what I am saying.

    The problem, confusion and doubt arises when a thread which was put on to discussion by Managing Editor gets suddenly removed from the forum? It is obvious then the question will arises in members mind.

    I have no mean to "challenge" anyone neither I want to argue, but there has to be a proper justification which even asking by PM not coming out.

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    After clicking Mr. Mohan's thread linked by Juana, I really don't understand what went wrong with me (ME) to lock the astrological thread saying that they do not encourage astrological belief. I have had posted numerous astrological threads in this same forum which was responded by members with interest. How could ISC take a different stand on astrology? Astrology is a very good subject to discuss. Rahu and Ketu play an important role in one's life. If ME is not for Rahu and Ketu, she should not lock this thread. Most of the ISC members (say 90 percent) believe in astrology. If ME doesn't want a serious discussion as a nonbeliever of astrology, she should allow the members to discuss for fun and joy.
    I think Rahu Ketu shift is not favourable to ME. ME should understand that there are educational institutions for Astrology. Forum is a good section to discuss astrology, not Ask experts.

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    As far as I know astrology is very much a part of our culture. A few of us may think of it as humbug, but what of the majority that still have faith in this 'science'. People across India use special calendars that mention auspicious and inauspicious hours during the day. And many are known to schedule their work based on these predictions. Even the highly educated believe in 'rahu kalam' etc.

    Everyone knows of the significance of the 'janampatri'. Those too are based on astrological predications. Marriages are fixed, based on astrological predictions as are special 'mahurats'. Most newspapers have a daily Horoscope section and many carry elaborate predictions in the Sunday Editions. Astrology is a part and parcel of the society we live in.

    So, why does something, which is obviously not vulgar, communal, religious, political or hurtful become a taboo topic and deserve deduction of points!

    @ Jeet,

    The Managing Director had responded to the thread, in part. There were more posts to follow. I had read the response and was not surprised to find the thread was deleted, almost immediately. It is good that happened because the response would not have gone down well with members.

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    So far as the thread on Astrology by Mr. Mohan which was subsequently locked by the ISC Administration, I would like to state that I don't have any belief in Astrology. However, as far as deletion of thread is concerned, I feel that if the Administration decides to delete/lock threads on Astrology or any other particular subject, Administration should delete all threads on that subject. Selective or arbitrary deletion of threads causes ill-feelings.
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    I missed the thread where some policy changes were notified by ISC. After reading the post by Juana only I have come to know that.

    Can someone help me by telling where will be it available now. Can the link be provided here for the easy access?

    It is upto ISC to change its policies time to time after reviewing various emerging and new factors but what I am concerned is clear discernibility of these changes so that members can comply with them at a short notice.

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    Was there any complaint from any ISCian or did anyone object it from some corner of the world? I don't think so. While it is so, why should the ME conclude saying - We don't encourage astrological belief at ISC. What went wrong and where?Why a sudden policy change? Let some democracy prevail at ISC. Astrology is part and parcel of our life. Astrology is not connected to any religion, caste, sect or community. It is a universal subject.

    I want our ME to give a proper explanation in this thread as to why she doesn't want it to be discussed in the forum section. How it affects or harms the readers?

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    With reference to ISC forum posting guidelines which states, "Any content or topic that editors feel inappropriate may be removed.", I think the said action is done within ISC guidelines. If members have got any concerns related to ISC guidelines, they are welcome to escalate to higher levels.
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    Does it mean that if an editor is not interested in astrology he/she would delete/lock the thread on astrology? What a funny response! There is no one to control the editors activities at ISC, I think.

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    In most organisations, this type of leeway is generally granted and is accepted as well. However, there has to be some rationale behind actions. It would be considered arbitrary if it is suddenly decided to implement a rule, out of nowhere and punish the 'offender'.

    The above response doesn't answer my real concerns, mainly –

    • Deducting points for a rule that was just put into place
    • Not having a single source where members can see the new rules

    Since you quoted a specific 'forum posting guideline' let's see if I understand the same. The guideline states "…may be removed". In this case, the "inappropriate" material was not "removed", it was "…locked for further responses" and the points earned, removed. If it was truly inappropriate, should it not have been removed or deleted, as per the guideline?

    Further, how does anyone know that astrology is a taboo subject on ISC! Will the thread be pinned for future reference? Popping into forum threads with an iron-hand might seem as the right thing to do, but members do need to have the policies described to them. There has to be some source with all guidelines that we can refer to.

    The new policy is not vague, it is specific. So, why not have it published where everyone can see it?

    I think it is for you to follow up my concerns at a higher level. I was given to understand that it has already been done.

    Finally, suggestions that members initiate must be seen in totality and not as fault finding. Your response is defensive; it just clears your yardarm. I had hoped for a better look into this matter and a possible resolution, not a justification or 'appropriateness' of why it was done!

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    This thread it a bit unique in the sense that we are going ahead but not getting anywhere. Everyone is adding something (now - me?) and it is progressing smoothly.

    I hope some conclusive remark should come from the experienced members or editors regarding whether we have to limit ourselves from certain subjects which may not be in any way advantageous to ISC as well as to its members as a policy or it is one time measure. I hope there will be some help coming from them in the matter soon.

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    I understand that the basic point in question in this thread is that a message needs to be posted and guidelines updated as and when policy changes are formulated and implemented. The Managing Editor has already responded that the point has been put up to the Webmasters for consideration.

    Coming to the thread that is the basis on which this thread has been raised, it may please be noted that the thread was not deleted (as said by Mohan) but was locked and the points to the author reduced after a response by Vandana ma'am giving a reason for her action. In her response it was clearly mentioned that we do not wish to encourage threads of 'such' nature based on astrological beliefs and it was also said that other than some general discussion in the field, we would prefer not to have specific so-called predictions in the forum. So, it has nowhere been said that threads based on astrological topics would not be allowed as such. Kindly take note of the specific mention about so-called predictions.

    As SUN has said in his response, we had never disallowed threads merely because they are based on Astrology. In this particular case, the thread was simply predictions based on changes in planetary positions and was rather just a piece of information and nothing else. Now, how do we authenticate whether these predictions are believable? Will the author certify that the predictions have been made by him based on astrological calculations? Even in that case, should we encourage such predictions which may be based on some astrological calendars or books? I think forum may discuss topics related to astrology but cannot be made a platform to publish astrological predictions which are general in nature and has no authenticity.

    We agree that our FAQs and help topics need to be updated from time to time but do, at the same time, feel that active members are generally aware of policy changes that are announced from time to time. I hope it will be appreciated that editors may have to take actions based on their instinct when they come across a new thought or situation which is not covered by a guideline (remember the tying up of a Kashmiri youth in front of the Jeep in J&K?). It may also be noted that there is no policy change regarding the point in question in the thread under reference here. My intention here is not to rake up an issue but only to try to bring in some clarity to the point as has been decided after an internal discussion.

    Another point which has been brought up by members here is regarding informing a member about his threads that are rejected or locked. We had already discussed the point earlier and also with the admin and had concluded that it is simply not practical. Editors may post a reason or send a PM occasionally but it won't be possible to follow it as a rule. This is not being arbitrary or something but just a simple case of practical difficulty.

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    • Now, how do we authenticate whether these predictions are believable?

    Let me, refresh your memory. It has time and again been mentioned that material presented on ISC cannot be verified. And, it is up to the reader to check the authenticity of the details, even though, some of the content is paid for and goes through the scrutiny of the editorial team. The forum, on the other hand, is more relaxed. So, what authentication of predictions do you seek? Can it not be left to the readers' discretion? Let's not forget, much serious stuff was left to the discretion of readers, fairly recently.

    • Giving a reason for her action

    This was the first time, perhaps, that a message was given to the member that ISC does not wish to encourage astrological predictions. Don't you think that locking the thread along with the message would have sufficed? Why did the member have to be penalised for it? He was not a repeat offender. He would not have known that you did not wish to encourage astrological predictions.

    • It may also be noted that there is no policy change regarding the point in question in the thread under reference here.

    I see a policy decision on so-called predictions, which is why the thread was locked and the member was given zero points. It is why I raised this thread.

    • Should we encourage such predictions which may be based on some astrological calendars or books?

    What could be more authentic than astrological calendars and books? Let's not forget that astrology is part of Hinduism – Jyotish Shashtra. It stems from a religious belief and dates back to Vedic times. There is a whole science behind it. There are many who swear by such so-called predictions. There was a contest conducted recently, based on 'predictions' of a different kind. Members were encouraged to make wild guesses (nevertheless, they were so-called predictions) – am I right!

    • Active members are generally aware of policy changes

    Does ISC run only for active members? What of the newbies that you keep citing in your posts. Do they not need clear-cut guidelines to go by?

    • Instinct

    Comparing your actions with the 'human shield' incident is in bad taste. I did not realise that moderating the forum was so simple, that you went by your gut feeling. I thought more intelligence would be required, to weigh the pros and cons of every action.

    Finally, you guys are just beating around the bush, explaining your explanations. I can read the message that was put in the thread under discussion. By all means, choose what to allow and what to not. Lock threads you think are unsuitable. But, have a decent way of addressing the issue. So, the point here is not so much about what is allowed and what is not. I'll once again, address the issues I raised.

    1. Deducting points for something, which was perhaps, instinctively decided as improper
    2. Absence of a source where members can find policies listed

    These are very legitimate queries. Do you think it is proper to penalise members for posting something which is not listed as 'not allowed'? Think about it.

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