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    An old composition of a song creating new magic

    How a good music, lyric and the voice can create a magic, one can feel in the song "Mere Rashke Qamar" from the movie Badshaho which is going to release soon.

    What makes me so special about this song that I came with a thread like this?

    Actually, the original song is a Qawwali sung and composed by none other than Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Its a Sufi song which is recreated in the movie and sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The beauty of this song is the background music and voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The musical instruments like Harmonium, mandolin and Tabla sounds so soothing. Above all, the voice of Rahat Ali Khan is a boon.

    We have seen many old song when in recreation lost its charm, this particular song has created magic again and gave a fresh moments in music. Its really a blessing to listen such music.
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    The fact is that when we like the old song with its lyrics and music and when the same is recreated with new dimension music and waves, it is received more by the fans. What I feel that the the music directors and lyricists are running out of ideas to create new tunes and thus zeroing on old famous songs and getting the recognition instantly as the song gets popular with youth of present generation. That is why many old songs are finding way in to new pictures and the credit must be given to the original creator of the song. But for me I wont like remixing of old songs for the benefit and appreciation of new generation.
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    I sometimes feel like a Bollywood has ran out of talent. Hindi songs just lack the lustre of those days. What are lyricists even doing?
    There is not a scarcity of talent.
    Bollywood is merely iterating it's hall of fame.
    But it's always great to listen to those old songs in new singers' voices.
    Old and new together form an eternal magic.

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    My reason to post this thread was not what is being discussed here. Its not that bollywood not able to create new tunes. It is, time to time we are getting such beautiful soothing music by our bollywood musicians. However, My this thread was about the tune which was recreated with having original voice of the singer in background and musical instruments sound which is really nice to listen to it.

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