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    Do you believe or Oppose Vaastu. What is the reason for that?

    Some people believe Vaastu Sastra is a science and should be followed perfectly. Some people say Vaastu is a false notion and should be avoided in this modern and scientific era. But whatever the theory may be not only Hindu religion people but all religion people are also following Vaastu Sastra in constructing their houses. By Vaastu sastra only the architects design where the bore well has to be dug, where the water tank to be constructed, where the kitchen should be, where the toilets should be, where the bed room should be, where the Pooja room should be etc. will be decided. Do you feel that by not following will we get affected? Then do you believe or oppose Vaastu sastra? Folks give reason with your opinion.
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    As per Science, the planets are not stable they will revolve.As the earth is one of the planets it also revolves how can we say it is South, it is East, It is West, It is North.Vasthu is a trash....
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    I have no idea about Vastu. I don't have enough knowledge to form any opinion on this issue. So, I do not support it; nor do I oppose anybody who propagates it. Before forming my opinion on Vastu, I want to read some reliable literature on this subject. Can any Member suggest?
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    Vastu Sasthra is only for the rich who worries, not for the poor who lives in slums happily. These days, vastu experts mint money from the believers of vastu sasthra. Vasthu is only a simple guideline to follow for comfortable living.
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    When we do not know about something which is ardently believed and followed by others with interest and dedication, we have no right to criticize or demean it. Vastu Shastra has its own merits and advantages and the people who followed it are experiencing the same. Just because we do not know the intricacies of the same and just because others also criticize about Vastu, we should not stoop to the level of undermining Vastu. Like other subject Vastu is also concerned with positioning of the house requirements in various directions which not only assure peace and also prosperity.
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    This is a very interesting topic. It is also equally suitable for debate.

    Let us go slightly back in the origin of the various areas of knowledge and their authenticity. As per the eeducation and progress of the science many subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, zoology, astronomy, geology, biology, medical science, robotics, computers etc are developed and are still developing backed by the logic and scientific research.

    Now coming to the other knowledge areas like astrology, horoscope, vastu Shastra, palmistry, homeopathy etc their origin is more empirical and mythological in nature and they give varied statistcal results which are difficult to map even with the existing mean, median and sigma methods of statistics.

    It is surprising that the latter category of knowledge areas is accepted and followed by a large number of people in the world and they will not agree with you if you claim that only the former category is knowledge and rest is absurd proposition.

    The second category of knowledge is linked to our culture, heritage, beliefs and faith rather than facts or logic. So people will be hurt if they are not allowed to follow those beliefs.

    Today when someone falls ill in family he takes the allopathic medicine but at the same time family members go to their place of worship and pray God for the well being. So this duality will remain their and people will follow them religiously.

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    In my opinion there is nothing wrong in following vastu as it is linked to our ancient culture as well as derived from the vedic knowledge. If we go deep we will find that many propositions in vastu are matching with the modern science in toto.

    So even if it is not a science there is no harm in following it for the well being and peace of our dwelling units. There are many things like knowledge from Gita, yoga, meditation etc which are giving good results in the life of people and some of them are immensely benefitted.

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    I really wonder the ISC.
    If ISC doesn't want to encourage the Astrological belief and delete/lock the threads relating to Astrology, how ISC is permitting the members to discuss Vasthu Saasthra which is also based on astrology. Vasthu sasthra is related to the directions and its respective deities. Does ISC encourage Vasthu Sastra which is also a belief? O' ISC, we cannot understand what you really are!

    Managing Editor Vandana to note this.

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    I first read about Vaastu Shastra in a daily, some years back. The newspaper would carry a section on Vaastu Shastra, once a week. This was also the time when Feng Shui was becoming popular in India and the same newspaper had a section dedicated to Feng Shui too. The latter, I think had more to do with the Chinese items being easily available in India. The gullible fell for the hype and adorned their homes with statues of the laughing Buddha, tortoise, bamboo plants, lucky fish, money frogs etc.

    Coming to Vaastu Shastra, some people have immense faith in it. I know of people who have renovated their homes, broken down walls and constructed new entrances, so their house is Vaastu compliant. Though I believe such drastic renovation is not necessary and the problems in construction can be remedied through simple actions, like lighting a 'diya' in a particular direction or placing a water fountain in another direction etc.

    If we can change the direction of our lives by making small changes in our homes or in the direction that we place our head when we sleep, then why are people not prosperous? Why do they struggle with problems? Why do they live hand-to-mouth? Why does disease afflict them? Why doesn't changing the position of the bed create a windfall!

    I have a few laughing Buddha statuettes – they were gifted to me. I also have a crystal turtle that came free with an online purchase, I have small water fountains and had bamboo plants too – but I use them as décor pieces and not to bring in luck.

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    Vaastu is for comfort and beauty of the house. When we got to a cloth shop we want to select the best available dress which we like and comfortable to us to wear in our range. But we can't take whatever is available. When you get into a house you try to arrange the material in the house in a certain fashion which you feel is having good look. This is all for our pleasure and better look.
    Similarly when we construct a house we want to have decent looking house with good ventilation and good breeze and light. We will cook, we will eat, we will sleep and we will invite our guest who are coming to our house. Basing on the activity to be carried out we will decide which corner is convenient for that particular activity. People of olden days studied all these issues and come out with a some points and those points are known as vastu points.
    My understanding of vastu is that and if we follow this we will have a pleasant stay in the house. It is not a superstition and there is a scientific reasoning for each rule. But without understanding that we may feel vastu is a myth.

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    According to my view there should be something if one tells about vastu etc., But it is according to oneself whether to follow or ignore. We never discourage others on this topic unless we know best about vastu. But is strongly told that the principles of vastu exists over many decades as we can see from the almanac of even 60 years back - says vastu direction was mentioned. This means something based on vastu is there, so we should agree the presence and can follow if we really interested.
    Once in our office, (as our MD interested in the vastu etc.,)suggested our liaison officer to have opinion of a vastu specialist over our factory building (it was about 2.25 acres). According to his suggestion our Liaison Officer did some changes in the factory and office with the approval from MD. Lastly they came to our room (where I and my senior occupied in one room) and told my senior about the vastu's visit to the factory on the previous day(sunday) and his suggestions. Accordingly all changes have been made and lastly the Liaison officer told my senior to sit in one direction and me to the other direction. My senior told jovially,'OKey sir agreed, but donot send us out as vastu denied us.'.Our liaison officer and vastu laughed louder.

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