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    Kerala is becoming older.

    Looking at Kerala' s census data of the last fifty years age-wise, one thing becomes clear. The number of senior citizens is on the rise. The percentage of those at 60 years and above was 5.8 in 1961, whereas the same has become 12.6 in 2011. At the same time the percentage of those below 15 years has come down from 42.7 to 2.34. The increase in the senior citizen population is at the rate of 117.24 percent. While in the case of children there is clearly a negative growth of 45.2 percentage.
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    Good that Kerala is having more percentage and presence of senior citizens and we must welcome it because in every home there is a need for the elders to guide and advise the young ones and the children so that the family gets going. Kerala being the most literate state of this country has been having control over the population and the gestation period of elders seems to be increasing. That means elders are having good times with their children and they are enjoying every moment of life. Why because invariably from every home some one works outside the country and sends money to them for their daily routines.
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    The statistics quoted by the author is interesting. But throughout the country this trend is on the rise. This is due to various factors like improved healthcare, high life expectancy, less child birth among the majority community, etc. But with the percentage of old people steadily increasing, various problems are also on the rise. The most important issue is better retirement planning. The RBI has been steadily cutting down the interest rate causing extreme difficulty for retired people. The second most important problem is development of healthcare infrastructure suitable for senior citizens. Arrangement of proper seculity for senior citizens who live separately from their net generation (from the point of view of law an order) is also extremely important.
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    The average life span of a person is increasing . so old people are increasing . But birth control measures are increasing. As such the younger population is coming down. Another point in Kerala is many young people will go to arab countries for earning money. All these points put together young people are becoming less.
    Lot of problems are being encountered by old people. Some times their children don't take care of them.from government there is no encouragement. So old are feeling lot of Insecurity. Government should think and do something to improve the life of old people in our country..

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