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    Reaching to those Hungry is considered as Charity or is it our responsibility ?

    It is the fact that there are so many people who are fighting their life for one square meals but they wont beg or borrow. We have to look out for those people who are disowned, dissolutioned in life and those who have resigned from life due to poverty. Not every one is born as poor, sometimes the situations force to become pauper. But again people pretend to be well off even in that situation. Nevertheless those who are able and can, should reach out to those who are hungry not with the charity mind but with the responsibility to feed.
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    If all of us try to reach the hungry, there won't be any poverty in this world, especially all the rich should reach the hungry. It is not a charity or responsibility. One should not refuse a hungry. Give them food if you can or share your food if you can spare. The responsibility of feeding a hungry rests with the creator. He will ensure to care the hungry. There is a Tamil Kavi on this - " Aththi Muthal Erumbum Aanai vuyir Athainaikkum, Nithatham Padiyalakkum Desikan, Chethuthaan Ponaanoe, Thaaye Kel, Mutta Mutta Panchame Aanaalum, Paaram Avanukkannai, Nenjame Nee Anjaathiru" (Meaning - The creator who feeds an ant to an elephant daily has not died, Let anything happen, the burden is for HIM)
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    There are many people who are feeding the poor and hungry on a regular basis. Many people visit places of worship and distribute food to the poor sitting outside such places. One may not feel responsible but can donate food or other things for these unfortunate masses.

    There are some people who refuse to help them on the plea that give them work not food but where is the work? Today there is no work even for the qualified people.

    Some rich people donate for orphanage and there are many NGOs who are taking care of such poor and destitutes.

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    Yes. Donating food for people who are in need is our responsibility only. It may not be looked as charity. But we can donate food only to deserving cases. The people who are hale and healthy can try for earning food on their own. But without doing that if they expect free food everyday is a sin. Old people who can't work and people who are otherwise challenged can be offered food. There is no doubt. We need not think we are showing charity by giving them money. Nowadays many people are donating money for various food donation programs in places of worship. Many people go and eat there.
    Some people even though they don;t have food they will never beg anybody. If somebody can feed those people it will be very nice.

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