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    Be kind to every human and animal, if you really want to go to heaven

    It is believed that our soul will rest in heaven for ever after that. Every one of us wants to go to heaven. But the main question is what we should do to go to heaven? Do we really work to go to heaven? If you want to go to heaven, purify your heart, otherwise it is not possible to go to heaven. I want to ask you some questions:
    Do you really eager to help the others?
    Are you able to sense the feelings of poor?
    Do you feel humanity?
    Do you respect the other people and their religions?
    Are you kind to other people and animal?
    There are many such types of questions. If the answers of the above questions are yes then certainly you have pure heart.
    But in today's scenario, I am very sad to say people do not respect their parents, then how can we expect them to respect the other people. Today every person is selfish. He wants everything for himself only and do not think for the others. Will these types of people go to the heaven?
    So, dear friends, purify your heart and be kind to every human and animal, if you want to go to heaven.
    Respected members please share opinion in this thread.
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    I purely agree with the author. As he mentioned now a days no body is bothered about others. They are very selfish to think about themselves only. But I wish such a trend has to be changed. Everybody should respect each other.

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    Our behaviour and good deeds towards our fellow beings is one thing which does not require any appreciation from any quarter as it is itself a great act of humanity and is acknowledged by the almighty if not by the human beings.

    Showing kindness to others is a great virtue and only noble persons can have this great attribute.

    The author has well conceived and well correlated the act of kindness to achieving a seat in heaven which in Hindu mythology is known as nirvana ( free from everything).

    Nice narration and good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is real people who are very kind to fellow human beings are very rare these days. Everybody should be good to others and they should help people who are in need Elders should be respected and due weightage should be given to them and their words. Then only God may help us in our difficulties. By doing these acts only we can confirm that we are human beings.
    The author has made a very good narration of how to go to heaven and the answer is be good and honest, which is correct by all means.
    But don't do all these acts expecting to go to heaven. Do your duty. Result will follow,

    always confident

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    A very nice thread from the author. We, as human beings, must be kind and sympathetic to other human beings and animals. Kindness will give a heavenly feeling and surely a kind man will go to the heaven.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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