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    Why two different policies on a belief connected with human life?

    Dear ISC and Members,
    We all have seen that ISC discourages posting of topics on astrology and doesn't want to encourage astrological belief. ISC has said that there is a policy change with respect to posting of astrology at ISC. While it is so, why ISC encourages Vasthu Sastra which is also a belief like the astrology? Is Vastu sastra good and astrology bad? Why a different policy adopted by ISC?

    Can the ISC tops and members discuss on this thread.
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    Sun Ji, as a coin has two sides every aspect has two sides. Moreover the thing is just reflection of our mind. Once(as per Mahabharatha Story)Guru Dronacharya asked his students Dharma and Dhuryodhana, while a question raised similar to here, to go to the nearest village to find out how many good persons are there in the village. Both of them was asked to go separately and later they came back with their answers. Dharma told that everybody in the village were good only but Dhuryodhana told that No good persons found in the village. Guru told totally to the students that both of them are correct as they saw the people as of their mind. Dharma looked the good side of a man but Dhuryodhana looked the evil side of a man. similar to this every aspect is good to one but bad to another. we ourselves seeing in our daily life that people are good and benevolent on one time but very arrogant on the another situation. Sugar is good to every one but is bad to the diabetic.

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    WHY our editors are silent? Do they have an answer to my query?
    No life without Sun

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