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    Everyone will be in heaven by having a good health and lovable surrounding around them

    As everyone running for their bread, there is no time to take care of others including their kids. Both husband and wife running for their profession, money, status, they even find no time to think about their health. Being loved is a greatest gift for every one. In today's fast world, if we possess good health and have people around us with love and affection, we will be the luckiest person in this world.

    So If anyone wants to feel like to be in heaven, he / she should have

    a. beloved parents living with them
    b. understanding spouse
    c. Kids with good education
    d. good health
    e. Helping friends around them
    f. Financially free

    So having the above with good surrounding, sure we will feel like we are in heaven.
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    Good post. In brief a happy family will make you to feel that you are in heaven. Once you have a good family and you have good friends who are also from good families and you have a good surroundings you will really feel that you are in heaven. After completing full day's work in the office by the time you go to your home if you have a loving and caring family nothing like it. You will forget the whole day difficulties in the office and you will spend good time with your family. That is really a blessing in disguise. I agree with the author.
    always confident

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    A good and loving atmosphere in a family is a magnificent dwelling place and undoubtedly a place to rejoice.

    Many rational and logical people believe that there in no heavan and hell beyond earth and whatever is with us is the reality and it is upto us whether we live cordially to make it heavan or quarrel and fight to make it like hell.

    The author has very nicely presented that a loving and caring atmosphere in a family makes it a heavenly place.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you Dr.Srinivasa Rao and Mr.Umesh for your valuable comments. We are human beings not an ATM machine. Also we have to love people and use things, but we are doing vice-versa, i.e. loving things and using people.

    We are teaching the same thing to next generation also. This is because, competition and comparison. Atleast we have to teach next generation that 'Being a human rather than human being'.

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