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    Will it attract national international experts to ISC Forum if is separated into a separate website?

    ISC is a popular educational website where a number of popular sections were maintained and organized. Of all these sections the most popular among ISC members is ISC Forum. It is the most active than all the other sections. But as the ISC itself mentioned it is a popular Indian educational website mostly members from Indian country only are participating in the Forum discussions. When we observe a website like Quora where large number of national and international experts of various fields are involved in various interesting discussions. So if the ISC management separate the ISC Forum in to a separate website without giving an Indian tag (Indian educational website) it can attract large number experts into ISC Forum. Quora is not paying anything and no Adsense revenue to its contributors but ISC is paying. What is your opinion dear ISC members?
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    What I understand that since we claim our site is dedicated solely to the cause of students. the intelligentsia across the world who are well versed and famous with other forums on the internet, might have felt that this site is not fit for them and they need not participate. Even in the past we could able to get few members from Africa and other regions who were regular but payment problems forced them to stay out. So if the ISC can guarantee the International members that they are free to discus any thing and every thing for all age, probably spurt of activities can be expected.
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    Suggestion is good from the author but having international experts in ISC may lose the originality of this site. As I have observed international people participating sites have negative and fake comments. Hope fully that may continue here also. But as per my suggestion ISC should reserved only for Indians.

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    Quora is a question-answer site. It is of very high standard. But the nature of Quora is totally different than that from ISC. Those who answer questions in Quora do it fully knowing that they won't get anything in return. But ISC advertises: "Learning while earning".
    We must not compare ISC with Quora.

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    The author's suggestion is ok. But how far it is practicable is the question. ISC educational site is for INDIANS.The name itself is telling it is for Indians and Indian education.Here the involvement of other country people may not be of very useful. If foreigners involved means the cash credits and reward may not be very lucrative to them, so I feel it is better to maintain its identity as a Indian channel for INDIANS.
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