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    If a child tells lie who is held responsible. The parents, the mother or the society ?

    In Tamil there is a saying that " Kuzhandhayum Deivamum Ondru " that means Child and God are same. What it implied that a child does not know the selfishness, the over confidence, the jealousy , the deceiving tendency and other negative thoughts.. He learns constantly from the parents and the mother is the good teacher for him. But I have seen a child of two or three years telling lies in open and the mother wont correct him immediately. If the child knows the beauty of lies, then he would continue for the future too. Then who is responsible to control his lies. Parent, mother or the society ?
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    An excellent forum by the author. Mother is responsible for a child to say lies. As there is a saying that mother is equal to god. A child will learn all the qualities from parents and especially from mother because most of the time children spend time with their mother than their father. When the mother knows that the child is lying then the mother has to correct it because that time the child will know what is wrong and bad. Initial correction on mistakes is always good. I think what ever mistake the child does for first time unknowingly the parents or the mother should be thought to the child about mistake that it has done i,e the effects of doing so .

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