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    Welfare programs to poor to alleviate them to higher standards is a myth?

    Political parties are becoming more business oriented and are less concerned towards poor. In the past to alleviate the poor and middle class people governments have introduced various welfare programs like subsidy given on LPG to improve the standards of poor people, rice and wheat given for nominal price, constructing house for poor, concession in electricity charges for poor, giving various aids to farmers, paying fee to students at higher level of education etc. All these programs were followed by many State and Central governments to uplift the poor to higher standards. But the present BJP government is against to all these and it is cutting down all these burdens to governments. If government follow such an attitude how the poor and downtrodden will be uplifted? Because the cut down of LPG subsidy to all sections of people the poor have to go back to their previous resources like wood, coal, kerosene etc. for their cooking purpose. To avoid the fatal health problems with these fuels previous governments encouraged poor people to use LPG facility on high subsidy to poor. If governments are only meant for accumulating money through tax collections and other ways what welfare they provide to poor. What is your opinion folks on this issue?
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    I am also failing to understand the motive of NDA government. First they asked the people having gas connections to give up the subsidy and based on the appeal of the PM many have surrendered the gas subsidy so that the poor may get the gas connections. Now the government has achieved their goal. They are now contemplating to remove gas subsidy phase wise and totally have new price to gas cylinder. That means those poor who got new connections under Ujwala Yojana will also face the same punishment. It is really burdening the poor who never sought the gas connection from government and then punishing them with high prices. Now there is a talk about cutting all the ration facilities being provided to the middle class. The so called Food Security guarantee and the card issued thereof as become farce and laughing stock.
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    Once a society is rogued with corruption, nepotism and other vices it is very difficult to bring it back to good governance and honesty.
    It is unfortunate that the degradation is not being controlled inspite of a large chunk of good law abiding citizens.
    The Govt programs are not reaching the poor as perceived in their formulation time. So the poor is still afraid of the local administration and considers them his enemy rather than a helping messiah.

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    The welfare programs planned by government are not really reaching the needy people. It is happening from ages. Even today in villages many SCand ST people don't know the benefits they are supposed to get from The government. Still their lives are in a very bad shape. If all the subsidies and other welfare schemes reaches them they might have become good . But the benefits are going to a wrong person. Arogyasri introduced by the then Andhra Government is a live example for this. Many rich people from villages are coming to big hospitals with these arogyasri cards and poor even don't know that they have this privilege. IN my opinion if these benefits are are discontinued there will not be much difference to the poor. But only exemption from this is LPG. Government should continue the subsidy on this LPG cylinders at least for low income group.
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