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    In the guise of green energy, are we creating big environmental threat through solar panels?

    The life cycle of solar panels is hardly 25 years and it is not easy to recycle the used solar panels. It is also very difficult to dispose them of because of their bulk size. They even contain toxic elements. So, they can become a biggest threat to the environment in future. Discarded solar photo-voltaic panels are piling up every year. A recent report in China mentioned that the biggest environmental threat to China may come from used solar panels. In the guise of green energy, are we creating more dangerous environmental threat through solar panels?
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    There is a compulsion on the part of researchers and scientists to go for the alternate energy sources as we cannot depend on Hydel, Thermal and wind energies. The nature has given us abundant Sun light and taking the energy through sun rays is the intelligent move on the part of on going research and in fact it must diversify to many areas. All the house holds must be installed with solar panels on the top of the house and let the energy requirements on daily basis be met through it and one need not depend on electricity board energy which is supplied through current process and meter charged. It may be big project for the government, but just imagine that there would be lesser burden on various other sources of power generation and more over there wont be power cuts at all in every home. Hope our technology savvy PM Modi would go for my suggestion.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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