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    Lost heaven: A destroy mission of humans

    Heaven is an imaginary place which has a special portrayal in various religions. No one knows how a heaven will look like. Since it is described as an abode of God, heaven is assumed as a place filled with love, care and happiness. People think that heaven is the best place to live in even after death. Is that really true? I don't think so because God has created Earth as the best place for the humans to enjoy and live a heavenly life. Earth is filled with natural resources such as rivers, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, fertile lands, plants, trees, mountains, etc. The humans are also given an extra-ordinary opportunity to lead a happy life amidst nature. But does humans utilizes the golden opportunity? Absolutely No! Because of greed and improper planning, humans are destroying the heaven created by God. To extend the roads and to construct buildings, lot of plants and trees are being destroyed. Fertile lands are getting converted to industries, apartments and factories. The rivers, lakes and ponds which satisfy the thirst of humans and other living organisms are getting polluted daily because of the human actions. These destroying mission of the humans on the earth are creating a lot of serious problems to all the living organisms on earth. Our ancestors have saved the heaven for their next generation, to lead a comfortable and happy life. But will the present generation do the same for the future generation? It is a big doubt!

    A few years back when I travel to my native during my vacation, I was very happy to see the fertile lands, plants and trees on the both the sides of the roads. The green environment itself brings a happy feeling and big satisfaction. But nowadays it is very rare to see trees on both the sides of the roads. The green fertile lands are in a dry state and there is no water at the rivers, lakes and ponds. Lot of tall buildings are found on all the directions. The heaven is partially lost by the human actions. If the heaven is lost, how will the humans get a heavenly feeling to live on the destroyed land?

    It is the responsibility of the humans to bring back the lost heaven!

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    It is true lot of greenery is going away because of the selfish human beings.. So even villages are also losing their pleasent look. Slowly many areas are getting desert look and cities are appearing like concrete jungles.
    For all this we are responsible. We are making a heaven to look like a hell. As such it is the responsibility of human beings to save trees , grow trees and make the earth to get back it's heavenly looks
    The author narrated the story very nicely and shown her deep concern for the environment. Good presentation.

    always confident

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    The author conveyed her feeling of heaven right in the earth if we maintain greenery and look after the nature well so that it gives us much in return with abundance. Very good entry.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very true that Earth is the place which can be like a heaven or like a hell depending upon the actions of mankind.

    It is upto us whether we can maintain it as a good place to live or as a place full of wars and confrontations.

    The author has nicely depicted these ideas in a flowing narrative and has been successful in conveying the ideas.

    Well done and good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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