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    Is it the cost or quality of the food drives even the rich to street Tiffin centers?

    Now a days there are no regions where street Tiffin centers are not there. Many they wish to enjoy the food in these centers better than the class Hotels. Every one knows the cleanliness and hygienic conditions are not maintained in these centers, the quality of materials and oil used are the worst. But even the rich people also prefer these centers to go rather than the class Hotels where some of these unhealthy conditions don't prevail. Then is it the cost factor Which drives the people to go for these centers more even though it will affect their health?
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    The rich, and those who can afford to have the food even in big restaurants are yearning to eat at street corner tiffin centers for three reasons. One is the cost effective menu and second is the taste which is better than regular restaurant and the third reason being, the menu is prepared in front of our eyes and thus no doubts about what is added clandestinely ? For example the street vendor serves the 5 idlies for just 10 rupees with good chutney. Like wise five bonda or two dosas are served for 10 rupees. Even one plate full of Rava Upma is served for just 10 rupees. That is the reason people who goes in car would eat there.
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    Basically the aroma of roadside food and the thrill of taking it in open attracts these rich people to these tiffin centres.

    Moreover people are tired of their routine and whether rich or not everyone wants a change in life. This gives them a fulfillment which they can not have even by taking their meals in a posh hotel continuously.

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    The main reason what comes to my mind is time. When you want have a quick bite and go, if you go and sit in a hotel and start ordering you may have to spare at least 30 minutes for your tiffin or snacks. But on the road side shops you will get the food served very fast and you will be seeing with your own eyes what are the items available there.
    Coming to the quality part we don't know about the quality of the ingredients that being used in costly hotels. They may be using same type of ingredients but charging for the seats they are offering you to sit. the cost of uniforms and salaries they are paying for the staff and other expenses. Actual food cost may be equal or may be a little less than what the road side shop person will charge you. Mainly people will go to road side shops which are known to them or accustomed by them. So they will have more confidence on the shop. They don't change often.

    The taste of the foods in these shops are maintained good. So irrespective of their economic status many people tend to stop and eat there enjoying the open air and then go to their works. I prefer hot idle eating on a road side shop near my residence and I like that taste very well.

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    Road side vendors' food is always good comparing to other hotels and the price also less as their overhead and profit percentage is less. Many places they are serving food in cleanliness manner only. If they are by taking advantage of the crowd to cheat though adulteration, it is bad. In small size vendors hotels also the food items are food rather than costly hotels. I once went to a big hotel and they offered 'keerai poondu masiyal' (pasty dish prepared with green leaves and garlic) as side dish for naan. It was so tasty till I get the bill. I found in the bill they charged Rs.75 for a bowl of that side dish where the cost of one big bundle of green was 5 rupees and two cloves of garlic costs one rupee. I was consoled by my friends as that hotel was famous for taste. Since then I avoid big hotels.

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    When I went outside some people selling snack items like Jantika, Murg ulu(South Indian snack items) which are crispy items as I am hesitating to buy them suddenly a BMW car came in front of me as the whole family came out and select different snack items and purchase those items.I feel really surprised after that I also purchased a few there.....
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