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(This thread is the Winner of the TOW contest for the week 30th July – 5th August 2017 on topic - 'Heaven/ly' )
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    Once my beautiful home, now a part of man’s heavenly flat

    My name is Crow. I am a black colored bird. I am seen in almost all places of India. Very rarely I travel alone but most of the times we travel in groups. Our groups consist of family members, relatives and sometimes our friends. People like us as we clear all their surroundings by feeding on the food wastes. Day time we are very busy traveling here and there. When it starts to get dark, we travel to our home, the beautiful huge mango tree on the banks of the river. The mango tree was very beautiful with green leaves and branches. When it's the season for mango fruits, it was actually a heavenly home for us. But our happiness did not last long.

    One day after returning home, we did not see our heavenly home. The beautiful huge mango tree is now only pieces of wood. It was cut by sharp tools by the cruel minded human beings. We felt very sad. We did not know what to say to the humans? We did not know their language. The only word we can say was "Caw Caw". Our sounds were creating disturbance for the humans. They threw stones at us. We flew away from the scene crying loudly. We cannot stand there to see the fall of our beautiful home. Once we had the belief that we can live in that beautiful tree house forever. But our dream shattered all at once. Today we live in a small tree house. Even though days passed, we can't forget our mango tree, which is now part of man's heavenly flat.

    Dear humans, please remember not to destroy the heavens of other creatures.

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    The plight of the birds especially the crow has been well narrated with the changing demands of the human beings and the nature is destroyed for his means. Good contribution.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The pain of destruction of home of the crows has been brilliantly pictured by the author in this thread. Is the pain similar to the pain suffered by crores of refugees who had to leave their home and land in the western and eastern parts of India in 1947? Who knows!

    In the giant mango tree adjacent to my Government accommodation, hundreds of birds including crows live. The mango tree is very old. I think that the Government authorities woud order to cut it down in another 5 years or so. Then what would happen to those birds?

    Best wishes to the author for the contest.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The author has given a very good concern to nature and how birds feel the pain were we humans never try to feel that. Author also clearly says that how nature is similar to heaven. I think by reading this many will have second thought before destroying it.

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    Good comparision of nature to heaven. The earth is equal to heaven when you have a good environment around you. But we are converting this earth as a concrete jungle. In this connection, Just I want to say you can't keep a crow or a sparrow or a parrot with you without keeping them in cages. But if you grow a tree, tree will not move away from you. In Addition to that the crow, the sparrow and the parrot will come and stay on that tree. So please don't destroy trees. A good post from the author. Good luck to the author.
    always confident

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