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    Is the God's own country slowly becoming hell?

    There is no end to the violence. A RSS swayamsevak was hacked to death by suspected CPM supporters in Thiruvananthapuram. 34 year old RSS worker Rajesh Edavakode was brutally attacked by fifteen sword-wielding assailants on 29 July, 2017 night. The attackers chopped up his left hand and he suffered serious injuries in his face, hands and legs. Rajesh Edavakode succumbed to his injuries in a private hospital later.

    In Kerala, the list of political violence committed by the communists is long. In last thirteen months, fourteen RSS workers have been killed by the communists. Out of these, four workers were Dalits and one is an woman member. Some of these killings have become national headlines.

    On the other hand, Mallapuram and Kasaragod districts of the state have been slowly but steadily becoming hotbed of religious fundamentalism. It has been reeported that gulf money has been reaching the state and fundamentalism is actively being promoted.

    Is the God's own country slowly becoming hell?
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    I appreciate author's social concern. As per your question I would answer yes. In recent days every where we find crime and that's most taken under revenge or due to any political pressure. Even in Karnataka a very prompt officer D. K. Ravi IAS officer was killed by some political measures but for outlook it was a suicide. These are increasing day by day. That's why the author has mentioned the correct form.

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    But the moot question is: How long should the Central Government tolerate this lawlessness under Pinarayi Vijayan, the present Chief Minister of the state.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The ruling party at the Center is responsible for the communal flare up in Kerala. It is sad that BJP wants to capture the state at any means.
    I think, the educated people of Kerala will be able to resist this nefarious desire of the BJP.

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    Mr. Neeraj: Is there any communal flare-up in Kerala? Where? When? And whose duty is to maintain law & order?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I may be deviating from the core issue of the topic but would like to know why the state is being referred to as 'God's own country'? Any particular reason is there?

    Kerala is well known for its natural beauty and Keralites represent the educated masses of India. The recent developments in the state are not a good sign for its reputation and the Government should immediately act upon. Things should not be allowed to continue like this and I refer Vajpai's statement - "Sarkar apna rajdaram karen (Government should perform its constitutional obligation)"


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    But do the communist rulers understand the concept of Rajdharma? They have not learnt it because it is not written in Des Capital.

    Even today, Sitaram Yechuri and Brinda Karat have justified violence.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I agree with Neeraj at #605046. The present flare up is a BJP reaction; the Medical College issue is one reason. And, don't you know that there is a communal flare up in Kerala? Particularly in the the North of it where there is Muslim majority? It may (is) be a political build up and we, as common citizens, need to resist but, can we help?
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    RSS is equally responsible for the violence and brutal killings in Kerala. The statistics show that the number of persons killed on both the sides is almost equal over the past 16 years. Portraying the RSS as the victim is far from truth. Mention of " Rajdharma" invariably takes one to 2002 Gujarat happenings.
    The law and order is a State subject and the State Government should take steps to prevent such dastardly acts on both sides. I am unable to understand the authors view that how long the Government of India can tolerate the situation in Kerala.
    Kerala always remains a God's own country for its natural beauty despite any happenings there.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Just now returned from hospital. I went there to admit a close relative. As very tired, so I don't like to give detailed reply. Only mentioning the points.
    (a) Today morning the headline of Times of India: The Supreme Court hears the first love jihad case. The victim is from Kerala.
    (b) Last week a Hindu writer was threatened to get converted or get killed. The author is from Kerala.
    (c) Newspaper report stated that the intelligence agencies are extremely worried about fundamental indoctrination in Kerala. I won't give nay further details.
    (d) A former CPI(M) MP stated that Vijayan asked his Keralite comrades to follow Bengal communists so that murder doesn't have any trace. I will provide link of the article later.
    (e) Killing of Hindus without any resistance is NOT called communal flare-up. It is called extermination. Extermination of Hindus was seen in Kashmir valley and it is now being witnessed in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Kerala.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is brutal. How a person can kill another person. Why these communists are targeting Hindus. as mentioned by the author, this killing of Hindus are mostly visible in the states where communist parties are in power. Government will not do anything on this. If Center tries to intervene they say BJP is supporting RSS and Hindus. Is it wrong to be a Hindu? Is it wrong to be in BJP? Is it wrong to be in RSS?
    Other political parties will not talk. They keep quite. In a university a Dalit suspect has committed suicide. Number of politicians gone to that place. Created havoc.
    But now in this incident 4 Dalits were killed. But no politician is able to voice a single word. Why? Hindus deserve to be killed? RSS workers deserved to be killed? i don't understand the motive behind this tight lip?
    If all Hindus unitedly boycott these parties where will politicians go?How they will survive? Unfortunately Hindus are not thinking on these lines.
    However all human beings should condemn these acts.

    always confident

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    The communists in Kerala have their support base from Hindus mainly. They do not have such support from the Christians and Muslims. But of late they are gradually suffering erosion of support from Hindus in their citadel especially northern districts in Kerala. Many of their cadres and local influential leaders have left to form their own groups or migrated to the BJP. So both sides have people who know each others' tricks and strategies. In order to keep and enhance their cadre and support each side uses these tricks. So the story continues with events and revenge events. As the communists find their Hindu support slowly decreasing, they want to use the opportunity to wrest Muslim support. In the northern districts of Kerala general Muslim are still in the Congress led UDF fold. So communists want to score a double by making Muslims believe that the BJP and RSS are their enemy and communists only can prevent BJP. In this regard they get tacit and indirect opportunistic support from the hardliner groups from the Muslims though this is not openly declared stand.

    What was happening for past few decades in the northern districts has now come to the capital district also. This is because till now the communists were the dominant party ruling the capital city corporation. For the first time the BJP came second with strong challenge to the communists with just less than ten seats difference between them. Congress led UDF came a poor third. In the various elections in the district also the share of BJP is going up. So now it is matter of retaining dominance for one and for wresting position for the other. Thus both use their own tricks and strategies.

    The state had to select between the two dominant political sides LDF and UDF all these decades as there was no third alternative. The BJP is trying to become the third alternative. That scares the two dominant coalitions. As communists and the BJP(whose main support comes from the RSS cadres)B JP are both cadre based the mistrust is strong between them.
    The media, depending on their own political bias and interest, inflate, hide, twist or divert matters and add their own contribution.

    The Governor's meeting and counsel with the leaders' of both sides is relevant and hope good sense prevails that will make peace last in the state's political scene.

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    I feel that this forum of India Study Channel need not introduce Party politics for discussion. There can be different opinions regarding what is happening in political field. The reports appearing in news papers are always misleading. In most of the cases it will be "views" instead of " news" depending on the leniency of the news paper or channel. Hence, friends, I feel such postings may be discouraged.
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    A very sane, rational and logical and informative response from Mr. Venkiteswaran, especially after reading some childish responses from some other Members.

    Dr. Rao: I fully agree to your view. Hindus must be united. Hindus must understand the game-plan of most of the political parties to divide them on the basis of caste and weaken Hindu vote-bank.

    Mr. Sankaran: Hiding the controversial issues under the carpet does not ultimately help. Even after all sort of arguments, misinformation, disinformation and controversies, it is now a well-known fact that northern districts of Kerala have become hotbed of religious fundamentalism and some young men and women have been indoctrinated to Wahabi and ISIS ieology. No offence meant to you.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I agree with many of your comments.
    According to me, Good political sense is a distant dream in Kerala as long as the present political leadership at the Centre along with extreme right wing channels such as "Times Now" and "Republic" etc and so called pseudo patriotists people are meddling with its affairs.
    People of Kerala are in a dilemma now. Which party to choose? Corrupt Congress? Murderous Left? Or combination of both that is BJP?

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Everyone was proud to say that "KERALA GODS OWN COUNTRY" but know even its beauty have been lost . The political crimes have increased or rised to a huge extend. Killing, rape all have become a common 'game' in Kerala.

    In olden days we decipt the picture of mother India as godness but now people potray it with blood , tools and even a raped girl.

    Kerala is presently a true hell. We can prove it without any hesitations.

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