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    This Tamil word " Muyalaamai" that means not possible has much meaning !

    We all know that when we try something we get either positive or negative result. And before making a sincere try some people concede to defeat or resigning from the scene. We all know the story of rabbit and tortoise and how the tortoise won the race on the over confidence of rabbit. So the word Muyalaaamai has great meaning. Muyal means rabbit in Tamil and Aamai means tortoise in the same language. So one has to go through the test pattern of rabbit and tortoise and learn from that great lesson that over confidence really kills a person even from participating in it.
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    This is true. Be confident but never be overconfident. Confidence is required for everybody to have success in all their endeavors. If you don't have confidence you will not be successful. The confidence will come from your knowledge and thinking. So always attempt all works with confidence. To make you doubtful and bring down your confidence many people try. But never lose confidence.
    But at the same time you should not be overconfident. Once you have overconfidence you will start thinking that you will win the game by all means. That brings in complacence to you. If you underestimate your co participants also you will become overconfident. Once you have this overconfidence you will never concentrate on your goal and chances of losing are pretty high.
    So it will become a story like hare and the tortoise.

    always confident

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    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Confidence is a good trait but overconfidence is sometimes disastrous as people jump in the fray without thinking and then they find that they are loser.

    People who have confidence and maintain the pace they win in long run.

    The author has narrated his views nicely using a peculiar world in Tamil language. I will quote - slowly and steadily wins the race.

    Knowledge is power.

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