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    A visit to heaven on Earth

    I stay in Hyderabad. A very big and well developed city and an automobile jungle. All roads are always crowded. Even at midnight we experience traffic Jams. A highly polluted concrete jungle.Daily I travel a lot in connection with my profession. Minimum travelling time per day is about 90 minutes. Sometimes the journey time may become three folds the normal time. Public are not caring for traffic rules. The crazy bike riders will come from which direction and go to which direction God only knows. Even though my driver is very cautious I will be always alert only during the travel. Sometimes I feel like withdrawing myself from these travels.

    Just for a change and to have some relaxation, I decided to go to my Co son in law's place for a short holiday. The place is known as Konaseema and it is overnight journey to that place. I got down the train at Rajamahendravaram and got into a taxi. I sat in the back seat and just started looking outside. We reached a place called Kadiyam, a village of nurseries. National highway. One side canal and the other side nurseries. Many nurseries full of green and people on the road side selling flowers at a throw away price. By the time I have come out of that vision we reached konaseema. From that place the village I have to go is about 60 Kms. A very well laid road. One side a canal throughout the road. Villages on the other side of the canal and at regular intervals bridges connecting the village and road. The other side of the road is full of greenery. Paddy fields, mango gardens,coconut gardens,banana gardens and cane sugar fields throughout the length of the road without any barren lands. A feast for eyes. It is like green colour spread all over the area. Even a single minute I never worried about the traffic. I enjoyed the beauty of nature fully. We reached my co son in law's house. A big coconut garden and in the center a tiled house. In between the coconut trees some mango trees. Banana trees in one corner and a small cow shed on the other side of the garden. Fantastic and a Farm house stay like. Tender coconut water, fresh mangoes from the tree and banana curry from the bananas right from the tree is really a delight. Fresh milk from the cows with no mixing of water is another excellent food to drink. All organic food without any insecticides or pesticides. Food is really an excellent experience.
    In the evening a cot is arranged in the garden. Just while relaxing on the cot I started thinking. We all believe there is a heaven and people who never committed sins will go there after death. No living being has seen a heaven except thinking that it is a place of joy and peace. I started thinking that every human being after death will reborn and people who have not committed any sins during their life may born in these places where you will enjoy the life with peace and joy.
    This is the heaven on earth and people who born here will be in heaven during their life. This is my travel to heaven on earth.

    My entry for Tow contest
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    The author has rightly described the greenery and the enchanting natural habitat of Konaseema where in nature has the definite connection with every one lives there in hale and healthy condition as the breeze and warmth is pure. Those who are habituated to live in concrete jungle and would definitely feel relieved and yearns to stay more at such places where the nature is so close to the human beings as they begin the day with the nature beauty and end the day by gazing at the sky by having a relax on the cot amid greenery and chirping noise of animal habitat which also tend to live with human beings.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The author has pictorially described the surroundings of Konaseema. The tired eyes of the city-dwellers always search for greenery. The author has found greenery at Konaseema. He spent a beautiful day in heaven in the earth. Definitely this heavenly experience has rejuvenated the author. A well-described narrative.
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