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(This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the TOW contest for the week 30th July – 5th August 2017 on topic - 'Heaven/ly' )
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    Every dosage felt so heavenly

    She could not take it anymore
    Nothing is now like before
    All those people she called friends
    Have left her in darkness
    Not a soul to hear what she says
    She writhed in loneliness everyday

    Everyone seems to be lying here
    The suffocating work atmosphere
    No matter in which firm she went
    She faced her bosses' harassment
    For a little salary, it was a lot to pay
    She had to work there anyway

    She needed the needle
    To numben her pain
    She needed narcotics
    To run in her vein
    She felt so heavenly with every dosage she got
    The needle pricked her skin, but eased her mind a lot .

    The place where once her house stood is now an ocean of debris
    Her husband abandoned her for her impotency
    If only she had a place to go
    Even her parents died a long ago

    She still had hope when things turned worse
    But loneliness and depression drove her to drugs
    She couldn't get hold of her senses
    The bliss of imagination
    Was beyond comparison
    By sniffing and injecting drugs in her blood
    She built herself a world inside her head
    She felt home in this imaginary world
    Experiencing heaven in the earth

    She needed the needle
    To numben her pain
    She needed narcotics
    To run in her vein
    She felt so heavenly with every dosage she got
    The needle pricked her skin, but eased her mind a lot .

    After all heaven is but an illusion
    People aren't addicted to drugs but to their imagination
    She robbed and stole to get money for drugs
    She'll do anything to quench her thirst
    Measuring her life daily in grams
    Getting frequent strokes and spasms
    If only there was a way to tell
    The amount of times she fell in hell

    There were so many things she could've been
    She's now gone crazy and obscene
    Oh how addicting painlessness can be!
    Every dosage felt so heavenly

    On the streets she's lying down
    She could have led a better life instead
    But growing paranoid of the world around
    She eventually drugged herself to death

    P.S: I don't support drugs. In my view, the society is as responsible as an individual for the drug abuse. We fail to see why individuals turn to drugs. And I wrote this to express my feelings.
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    Excellent poem! I am deeply impressed! You have proved your mettle by this poem of an unfortunate drug-addict.

    Best wishes for the contest.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    An a very well written poem. Excellent narration. The life of a girl who got addicted to drugs was described in a poetic way. You have shown an excellent creativity. Good going, Wish you all the best. Keep it up
    always confident

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    Wow the poem just coincides with the happenings in Hyderabad over which parents are deeply worried about penetration of drugs menace even in school levels. This entry fit for award.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very well written poem...I like the way it is written, the story highlighted, the emotion expressed and every thing.
    All the best!


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    This celebrates failure and self-destruction. However, I welcome the footnote, because no one should support drugs.

    Drugs are an easy way out. They deaden physical, emotional, psychological and mental trauma. They mask the pain with a moment of euphoria. Drugs can never be a solution, to a problem; for they, themselves are a problem.

    The irony is that something destructive is looked upon as a Godsend.

    What drives people to drugs? Society may have a role to play, but individuals who are into drugs cannot be seen as guiltless. This isn't a completely psychological problem, which is not within their control. An adult, who takes drugs knowingly, to suppress suffering, is responsible for their own plight. They should be aware of the consequences – even the illiterate know of the ill-effects of drugs. Society can/must step in to help curb substance abuse and for rehabilitation of addicts. But, given the proportions this menace has taken, we have a mammoth task at hand.

    Every dose is self-destructive, but then as the lyrics of a famous song go, "heaven's just a sin away..."

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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