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    Though unintentionally, Do you think negative people often motivate us with their sarcastic remarks?

    We always found people around us who have this way of talking they make fun of others achievments and sucess in a sarcastic manner, or ask you questions that you want to avoid, advice you without reasons.
    They have this habit of enjoying their conversation by themselves and praise just themselves. Even if they are miles away from you, they keep calling you and messaging you such a repaling nature they have. And worst part is if such person is in your direct or indirect friend circle.
    Don't you feel motivated by their negative remarks, to do better than what you are? So that everytime you meet them you have answers with your actions not with your words.
    What is your opinion about such people?
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    Yes. They do a better job than positive feedbacks sometimes. People who tease you or undermine you are hard to please. They allow you to explore your potential. But it is upto individual to take this negativity positively. My friends undermine me everytime. I prove them wrong everytime.
    If they weren't around I would have been content with myself and have continued in my ignorance.

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    Real critics are good for our betterment. If people always talk about you positively, you will get a feeling that you are very good. A type of complacency will develop in you and you will become stagnated. A real critic tells you even a small problem you have also in a big way and show it in a multifold size. Then you will start thinking why he said that and once you start thinking in that direction the actual problem you have will be identified by you and you will try to rectify that weak point. So negative remarks are always useful to know the real you.. But some people out of jealousy and negative thinking, try to criticize you without any point and try to spoil your mind. So you should try to ignore them and need not give big weightage to their words. There is a saying that if an elephant stops to answer every barking dog, it can't reach its destination. So mind your work and don't care for their comments.
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    In my personal life, many negative people who discouraged me have had a positive impact on me. I took many challenges and became successful thanks to these negative minded people.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Some times we learn much from the ardent critics. Why because they do not know more about us and their frankness on our observation and closely making negative remarks on us should be taken positively and make immediate change in our behavior. Some people are close with us but wont reveal our drawn backs or set backs. Because they want us to suffer in silence as they get their satisfaction out of that satire attitude. Those who criticize on the face are better than those who behave like good friends and make no suggestion to improve. It all depends to whom we make friendship.
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    Though we see the people with negative thoughts and objects our every or any activity we have to one way thank as they made us to think the other side. Normally we do not think the other side while doing or start doing one thing. In courts also we can see the public prosecutor and defense lawyer are objecting each other either to accuse or to rescue the person in the box. This does not mean that the objection is right but the same is paving way to relieve from the suspicion. But generally speaking, hearing continuously the objection words from one is irritating but we have to think calm to see whether there is any point in the objection. One of my paternal uncle was there if he objects a thing it must be correct and we should avoid or alter to do the work.

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    You have presented a good analogy, between negativism and motivation. The question is, do we get motivated by what our detractors say or do we better our performance to prove them wrong?

    In my view, I do not think negative criticism could work as a stimulus. Not when we know that it is nothing but criticism. In such cases, we better our performance because we have an axe to grind with the person(s) who ridiculed our previous efforts. In a way, our actions are negative too; though they might have a positive end, they do stem from our own want to prove ourselves to our critics. In all this, we can sometimes lose our main objective.

    I think it is best to set our own targets and work to meet them. Ignore whatever else that happens around us.

    If we look at their criticism as a motivator then in a way are we not proving them correct? Do we need their analysis of the situation to make us work better? Do we not have it in us to evaluate things and chalk out a workable plan? Would we fail if we did not have these people around us? Think about it.

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